Anything and everything will go wrong…..

I was really wanting to sell our home, not for something prettier or nice , not even bigger , I have dreamed about owning an old 1920’s house with character and history. My dream is fading with ever waking day, it seem all forces our against me on selling this house, we haven’t even listed it and in the last 2 weeks the kids have manage to scratch the wood floors so badly while riding the big wheel around and around, I have learned my lesson on that one they’ll have to be refinished now and something happened to my 3 year olds brain when she took it upon herself to create a masterpiece with black permanent marker on our white custom kitchen cabinets, NEVER use rubbing alcohol it will only strip the paint right off, in a panic we rushed to the store to buy the mother of all cleaning products Bon Ami, it has saved me many times and this is one of them though the cabinets still have some black marks and paint rubbed off in spots it’s nothing compare to what she did, no I did not take a photo of her artwork, there was no way I wanted to remember this horrible event after spending 2 1/2 hours trying to erase it from my memory. What’s next? I really don’t want to know.

 Love the vintage Ad’s,  but unlike the Mom’s in these images I wasn’t smiling when I was using there product today and my kids were standing there helping. Maybe the girl should be hiding under the sink , or the 4 boys hiding their dirty clothes in a trash can would be more like it.

Foto Fridays: Week in Pictures

Two little trouble makers, a cat and a mouse.

See Mommy Snowball loves me, she really, really loves me!

I was just trying to be a kitty cat.

Warning this mouse is real, if you don’t believe me just ask my 5 year old who will break down in tears if you say anything different.

Poker Face.

Two adorable card sharks at work.

Hot Cocoa with peppermint star marshmallows, yummy!

You had me try on this snowsuit and I don’t even see any SNOW!

23 days and counting…

There is so much garbage polluting the Earth that I have taken it upon myself to be our families “garbage monitor” or GM of our household. After 6 months of sorting garbage, composting and massive recycling effort from the whole crew our daily garbage has turned into not weekly but monthly for today marks day 23 and counting that the little 10 gallon kitchen trash bag is still not completely full and for those of you who think it must be really, really by now…. it doesn’t since there is no organic waste in the kitchen garbage, the compost pile well that’s a different story click here for more about our composting.

We mark the calendar for everyday we don’t add to out City’s landfill and it feels good to not see our garbage can lined up with the others at the curb every Monday and Thursday.

Neighbors and bloggers friends I’d love a to hear tips on how your family has reduce their household waste.


   Gross , Right!


ER visit & braces by 9am , it must be Monday!

Monday is usually a day I love the start to my weekend a chance to do errand and get the house clean, not today for promptly at 1:24am  just an hour into Monday and 2 hours of sleep I was awaken by a Mom’s worst fears “the sick child” as I kept thinking not my child, it’s Monday, it’s Mommy Day thoughts raced around. How did this happen? See when one of my kids gets sick it’s never a runny nose or sore throat , it’s usually a life threatening illness which requires extensive medical attention and when I put her to bed just a few hours ago there wasn’t even a sniffle or cough a perfectly well child but a mere 4 hours we were out the door to the ER with a severe barking cough gasping for air, shaking and an hour later at the hospital her temp went from 98.1 to 104.2 the nurse was shocked she tried different thermometers but they all read over 104.  My child #2 was official sick but we still don’t know with what but we were sent home and after 2 hours of sleep it was time for child #1 to get her braces, a glorious day, a day she has been dreaming about, who would all that special attention and now they have colored bands and get a goody bag that rivals the Oscars then followed by the after party at the local car dealer where they have a Gelato bar , we devoured the delectable Italian ice cream over a game of foosball and a ride around the dealership in a golf cart, oh what fun we had then back home to the reality that 1 sick child on Monday usually means 4 sick kids by Friday.

Read more about MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.”Not Me Mondays Here.

deep freeze

See it does get cold in the south…

We had a goal, not to turn on the heat until January 1st…. We made it! Just in the nick of time too  we are on day 14 days of sub freezing temperatures, even with the heat at 65 degrees or noses are cold and blankets are everywhere, but our hard work was rewarded with a $70.86 electric bill  and this was the fourth month in a row that we kept our utilities under $80 !!!!!!! It’s nice to conserve energy and reserve a little cash for a rainy day!