my garden

I planted many thing this year rows of organic squash, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and watermelon and here is what I have so far…. one beautiful penny sized watermelon!

isn’t just so he cute, kids say it’s just the perfect size for their fairies. Well besides being an apparent Fairy gardener I hope we actually get to eat a big juicy watermelon sometime this summer.

I’m still crossing my fingers on the potatoes.

Roller Skating 101

Little E was so excited to try roller skating again so we put on the knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, helmet and well a pillow for her booty and after all that she was still able to move her way down the sidewalk , big Sis was there to lend a hand but Little E after a few falls was off and skating laughing as she skated unassisted all the way home.

that a way E!

This week’s Blog lovin’

What’s more cool than this:

 At they believe that children should experience the world through their own eyes, ears, fingers, and toes. That direct interaction with nature is the best way to learn about the world, and that open-ended imaginative play is the best way to learn about what it could be. Part community forum, part storefront, is a place where parents and kids can find their own definition of childhood.


for the how to on making your own fishing pole


go here:

Composting paper towels

I get a lot of comments and questions when my friends see throwing paper towel in the compost so I thought I’d spend a few moments on my paper towel obsession.

Yes I use paper towel and I love them , so to feel better about my paper towel usage I throw them in the compost right with the food and yard clippings. The comment I get the most is “I didn’t know you can do that” , well either did I until one day I just started throwing them in, they’re made from 100% recycled paper so I figured why not and never looked back. The paper towel takes about 1-3 months to decompose depending on how hungry the bugs and critters riffling through the compost are and the amount of rain.

Here’s a list of thing that can go into your compost:
Leaves, lawn clipping, old hay, sawdust, straw, cornstalks, plants and plant parts from vegetable gardens or flower beds can all be composted, other things that can also be composted are cool ashes, eggshells, coffee grounds and filters, fruit and vegetable scraps, newspaper, paper towels and napkins, cardboard rolls from paper towels and toilet tissue.

If you have any other items that are easily composted please leave a comment. Thanks

Happy Father’s Day, George.

Here’s how my morning conversation went:

me “Wy are you crying”

AP”cause Sophia said george washington is dead”

me “well he is”

AP “that’s not fair i wanted to make him a fathers day present”

me “well he was the father of our country thats very nice of you”

AP  “why’d he die?”

me  “he got really old and died along time ago before you were born”

AP  “well now i’m not making anyone a card for fathers day, i just liked george washington”

me  “i’m sorry sweety, you can still make him a card and we’ll send in to the president”

AP “well i’m still mad that george washington is dead”

My poor little guy has been crying all morning  on the couch his blanket over his head I guess death is really hard understand when you’re only 5 even when happened over 200 years ago.

Happy Father’s Day to all, even dead Presidents!