Super or Supper

How is it possible that I’ve been looking through rose colored glasses. How could I have thought I could write 3 blogs, bake cupcakes every week, hold down a day job on top of freelancing and running a small business and not let it interfere with spending time with my kids and homeschooling. I’m not a superwoman  in the sense that no one has bestowed in me super powers that magically clean the house, mow the lawn, wash clothes and make dinner but I do know the power of acceptance especially in knowing that the world won’t end if the kids forget to take their bath or I haven’t updated my cupcakes blog in 4 weeks.


back to "home" school

It’s like a scene right out of Little house on the Prairie. I adore this 100+ year old school and the philosophy behind the woman who created it ( read more here on Marietta Johnson  ). I am one lucky mommy to have the ability to choose whether to send them off to school every morning or have them stay at home. I see homeschooling as a great opportunity to rediscover my children’s desires and weakness and the love I have for each one. On a cold winter’s day there’s nothing better than to curl up on the couch next to your child and teach them to read.

I wanted to be a painter: part one

I loved to draw and paint as a kid, I’d spend all summer in the basement creating my masterpieces and my Mom would frame and hang them on the wall down there. When I was in high school I took old house paint and painted an 8×6 ft mural on the wall next to my bed it’s taken 18 years for them to put enough paint on the walls to cover it, I don’t know why they wanted to cover such beautiful art what if I became famous or something that wall could have been worth thousands! I came across this old photograph of a painting I did back when I was 17,  I don’t mind being a photographer but once in a while I wish I would have stuck it out as a painter and we were living in some groovy artist’s loft somewhere.

 Field of daisies 1991

Chalk drawings

I searched for 9 years for an old school chalkboard and about a week ago I was in luck I found one at a local consignment shop, well actually I had seen it about 2 months ago but it was sold, I was very disappointed but not discourage so I went home and made our own handmade chalkboard out of eucaboard and pine, but about a week ago when I stopped in to the shop it was still there and since who ever had purchased it never came back they (re)sold it to me! Up it went in our dining room where we do out homeschooling and just in time school starts in 2 weeks. I love watching the kids draw on the chalkboard especially since it’s right next to my computer so I can enjoy their company while I finish up my work.

This is Lucy’s latest chalk drawing creation, I think it’s pretty darn good for a 9 year old.

Artwork by Lucy 2010

and then there’s Lucy’s Chipmunk obsession after watching the Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel , I can only listen to their singing for so long or I’ll go nuts!

Here’s Little E writing her name for the first time and then she did a drawing of a person hanging upside down from a tree by rope. Don’t ask.