Trick or Read

We had fun with our preliminary tricking at the D Library for Halloween Big Sis’ #1 and #2 costumes are ready for treating , but Little E is waiting till the last minute again to decide which costume will make the cut for the big night this year and I really need to get around to cutting out those eye hole for our little winter ghost… there’s only 27:07:23 left on the countdown to candy clock.


Wally World

Okay well it may not be a vacation or even at Wally World but boy did we have fun on their first Ferris Wheel ride this past weekend!

 I didn’t know little E could scream so much…

and big sis finally braved the wheel and let go after the fourth time around! Fun Fun Fun!


My four peas have been doing such a great job pitching in around the house and making sure we follow the 4 R’s. It’s been a year now since we started the one trash bag a month garbage challenge and it didn’t turn out to be a challenge after all. We compost, we recycle and we buy less, it’s so rewarding to look at our empty curb on garbage day while neighbors have 1-4 cans waiting for to head to the local landfill knowing we have been doing our part to make the Earth healthier.

I’m just so proud of them and for that they deserve a lollipop.