Dreaming of a white Christmas, cheese and a box

The count down to Santa’s arrival always begins with the annual mailing of the letters and now that they’re on the way to the North Pole with a 50 lbs. cheese wheel and empty cardboard box they asked for are at the top of the list.

Off we went to window shop and trek the mile down to the water to watch the sunset.

and this is what they look like after a fun game of chase in the rose garden and walking back up the hill. The attitude is for their hungry stomachs ready to go home and eat Thanksgiving desert.

Of course every year they dream of a white Christmas and looks it’s going to happen this year, now how am I going to fit that 50 lbs. cheese wheel and 4 kids in the car Santa? 


 I didn’t mind waking up early to start my 6 hours of cooking especially when I got to finally use my new  pretty red baking dish from France, no more 1970’s hand me downs at the Thanksgiving table.

 We had to get creative with going all vegetarian on turkey day so some olive, spinach and roasted tomato pizza, broccoli cheese casserole and spinach quiche were our main staples and pound cake, pumpkin cheesecake and carrot cake for dessert. I did opt out of making the sweet potatoes and totally flaked on the mashed this year.

I had the kids write what they were thankful for on our school room (dining room) chalkboard, they’re such sweet kids.

And hidden inside of their PB chair backs were some very adored lil’kinz as a treat.

Then the finally after dinner was the annual dog show, each one won best of breed though we had an unfortunate disqualification this time with one of the dogs, maybe next year Sally.


So I’ve been working on a photography project for the past 18 months lots of newborns and lots of very nice patient Moms and Dads donating their time along side mine so I could produce the 2011 Special Delivery Calendar and donate all the proceeds to children’s charities. I love every one of these babies and if you are interested in giving a calendar as a gift for the holidays please visit my online store or my Etsy shop use the code HOLIDAY10 and get 15% off until Nov. 28th. if you’re local Barnes and Noble has them! Hope everyone has a wonderful and bountiful Thanksgiving.

Sweet tooth fairy

I wonder what our little sugar plum fairy is up to raiding the fridge between takes as the kiddos rehearse The fairy, the princess and the king ballet in our living room with dancing, music and lights and a whole lot of falling, laughing and missed cues. I’d say it was like the Nutcracker ballet meets iCarly.

Guess what we’re doing

A. Stand-ins for the Sound of Music

B. Recreating the Coca Cola Commercial

C. Christmas Card Photo

D. Waiting to get paid for Modeling in one of our Mom’s photos again

If you’ve glanced through the current Eastern Shore Parents magazine you probably guessed right and  lucky for me these cute kiddos love to ham it up for the camera especially for their mom, professional photographer or not they really do make it look easy. Maybe one day we’ll be standing on a hilltop in Italy holding hands singing for peace throughout the land growing apple trees and honey bees building the world a home and furnishing it with love. But for now we can all do our part standing hand in hand right where we live and find a way to make this world a better place.