I have buoys!


Between the sniffling, sneezing, achy head, can’t sleep because of the flu day I was able get a laugh in listening to my 4 and 6 year olds talk about buoys and babies. Here’s how it went:

pea1: I don’t see the buoys

pea2: I found your buoys

pea3: What where are Mommy’s buoys?

pea4: I know where Mommy’s buoys are there right there. (Little pea pointed to my chest it was too funny.)

pea4: I know what buoys are they feed babies and have milk.

pea3: Well I know where babies come from.

pea4: So do I!

peas3: Oh yea they come from Mommy’s here. (He pointed to the lower back side)

pea4: No! They come from the tomach when Mommy’s get fat below the buoys.

pea3: Well I know they come out all bloody.

And so we ended the coversation there and Buoys in their new home above the fridge.


A tree grows in


Our backyard!

 The peas help plant a Devilswood better known as sweet olive seedling I picked up during our towns Saturday’s Arbor day celebration. They loved digging in the dirt and taking turns watering their new plant. 

 Yep that’s the beloved blankie joining in the festivities, sometimes his sister like to call him Linus, and he wonders why?

No matter how sick little pea is she never wants to miss out on anything, my poor little baby girl feel better soon!

Holey C…ow


…I can’t wait to stop coughing.
…I can’t believe we still have the flu after 3 weeks
… I can’t believe the weather it’s awesome!
…I ready to be done unpacking
…I love my kiddos!

Yep for those of you still shoveling snow before heading out the door that says 70 degrees in the shade!
I feel I can brag a bit after suffering loving the first 21.5 years of my life in Buffalo. 

Home Tweet Home


It looks like someone else just found a new place to call home too! I love my vintage watering can turned wind chime I could listen to the sound of the recycled glass clang all day long out my kitchen window.

And one more happy thing I’m going to do today before the peas go to bed is inspired by my all time favorite singer who will be in concert here in May and I can’t wait!

Oh , my mama loves, she loves me 
She get down on her knees and hug me 
Like she loves me like a rock 
She rocks me like the rock of ages 
And loves me 
She love me, love me, love me, love me 

Squirrels and Rootbeer


Rootbeer floats all around. 

It was a perfect day to sit out in the backyard to eat spinach pizza and slurp down some delicious ice cream floats. I know its not summer yet but I’m cross my fingers that this weather will hold on through the weekend. The peas ate while I finished hanging the laundry and were entertained watching the birds and squirrels play, there has to be 15-20 regular bird visitors and two squirrely friends but we are especially fond of the fire engine red papa cardinal. We’re looking forward to many more happy days out in the yard this year and I can’t wait until the flowers start to bloom!

Fun and Games


The day started out great with oatmeal a la mode for breakfast and ended pea2 reading to her brother in bed it was so sweet I’m so glad they realized it’s better to be buddies than ememies.

Hmmm… looking a bit too happy like he wants to shoot the arrow at me instead of the target in this photo.

 The peas came up with this game on the chalkboard the other day and love it! They drew a chalk bullseye and take turns shooting the wooden bow and arrow sometimes it even sticks and I’m was quite impressed with the way pea1 incorporated teaching the little ones math by keeping track of who’s winning on their S-E-A-L scoreboard.

Did I mention how much I love archery? I don’t like killing things being a vegetarian for the past 23 years but ever since high school gym class I have loved the skill of shooting the arrow at the target or maybe it was just because there was a cute boy in the class or that I got an A+.