Happy Birthday to ….

It’s my birthday so I’ll be spending the day with my 4 favorite people 
and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow!

Happy Memorial Day!

via Press-Register 2011
I love this photo and not just because I took it but because it makes me remember just how proud we should be of our country and all the men, women and children who make it GREAT!

Now if this day could last forever I wouldn’t have to do the annual celebration of becoming older than I really want to admit tomorrow.

**Update: Okay I will never say those kinds of things again about not wanting tomorrow to happen. I had a close brush with death, what I thought was a cute fuzzy caterpillar and it turned out to be so toxic it can kill humans. It is now our pet since I’m afraid to let it back out in the yard.**

Crime Scene

Criminals always return to the scene of the crime or so they say and this one is no exception she’s going to get two days in the slammer (better know as the garage) for committing this kitty crime in my backyard vegetable and herb garden.
 Let’s see if she can escape the slammer using her same digging method. Need a spoon?

Lazy days

I hope it’s going to be one of those days where you spend the afternoon daydreaming or reading a book in the hammock chance are it won’t but doesn’t it look so relaxing and after the weekend I just had I could use an afternoon like that. But school’s almost out for Buddy (three more days!!!) and the girls have a few chapters to finish online before we can kick up our feet.
 I’ve been also counting down the days until June 1st that when we get to turn on the ac!!!! The house has been an uncomfortable 84 degrees this week and with only a slight chance of rain today it’s not cooling down anytime soon around here. I love conserving energy and save $$$ on the electric bill but who knew May was going to be an 85+ everyday. This week it’s 90 degees across the board, WOW! and it’s not even summer.
A must have hammock from Anthropologie ~ rainboots optional

Barnyard Hullaballoo

Hullaballoo Kindergarten Graduation Play 2011
That’s My Buddy as a sheepdog in his kindergarten graduation play which was simply adorable and all the kids were fantastic! But it’s official he will be a first grader next year. It seems like yesterday I was dropping him off for his first day,  well it was! Maybe not yesterday but March 14th. He’s my only pea in public school and I so proud at how hard he worked to catch up on everything the kids in his class learned since August and was able to pass all the standardized test to move on to first. He’s a bit of a teacher’s pet and friends with everyone in the school and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Paul Simon is Awwwwwwwwwesome!!

If I hadn’t mentioned it enough I was at the Hangout Music Festival for three days part working and part enjoying myself. Last night was the BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!!!

Hangout Music Festival Gulf Shores, AL 2011

I started my work day with Ween, super cool, then headed across the beach to watch Michael Franti who puts on a show like no other if you’ve never heard or seen him catch some clips on youtube this was my second time seeing him in concert and that man loves, loves, loves everyone and everything and we love him too! So after Franti I had to camped out for Paul Simon, the photo pit was closed and so on, since this was something I put on my life’s checklist there was no way I’d miss him playing in my own backyard and no way I’d be any further back than 2 heads front and center.
Paul Simon rocked the house he played every song I’d ever want to hear and more! Sound Of Silence, Call me Al, Kodachrome, Diamonds on the soles of her shoes and 5o ways to leave your lover. The concert also went on 45 minutes longer than scheduled and he played like he was there for us waving to the crowd, thank you! I swear we made eye contact and awesome doesn’t even describe it. I took hundreds of photos and minutes of video with my camera, got back and realized video technology has surpasses me and I need to learn how to edit all my footage but I was able to capture Sound of Silence with my phone and post it for you!!!! 
Check out these video clips.

I especially loved the conversation behind me between to guys after the song “Hey did you sing during Sound of Silence?”  “No, well I tried not to, shoot I probably ruined someone’s video.”
 This was my own personal photo but you can check out more at AL.com/press-register
The concert was everything I’d hope and more, PS I love you.