Sprinkles, Sprinkles, Sprinkles!!!

 I love my sprinkles, I love looking at them lined up sitting on the kitchen window sill and I love having the Peas pick their favorite kinds to put on top of their morning oatmeal. I’m really fond of their retro glass jars, they come in two different styles and I just refill them with the standard sprinkles from the supermarket. I’m not sure where to buy them online or retail other than I got mine at T. J. Maxx the end of last summer and a few more this spring and my Aunt in who lives in D.C. had some too! So if you like, check out your local Maxx.

Soda, it’s for babies too!

This Seven-Up ad from a 1956 LIFE is simply amazing, now I know why I remember drinking it as a toddler and probably baby too! And here’s a few more from the 1950’s.
 It would have been more shocking if they put a nipple on the bottle.

My little garden

I tried so hard to make my garden grow I planted in late March watering every day even giving them organic plant food and hand pollinating their little flowers with a q-tip since all our bees seemed to be away vacation. I read everything on the internet I could and was determined this year was going to be different even with a different yard and help from friends it was the little garden the could couldn’t. My yellow squash bloomed 20 times over and nothing, my cauliflower grew 5 inches high then nothing, my cantaloupe tried but no flowers and as for the potato I had high hopes for them. They grew big and flowered and flowered the leaves grew bigger and bigger and then after three months started to die and from what I read that means time to harvest.. So in the pouring rain full of excitement I dug and dug and dug…… and dug……

The cat in my garden May 2011


And here’s what I got. How can you not laugh, have you ever seen potatoes so small???  I grew not small potatoes, not baby sized potatoes but more like fairy sized potatoes. I think the kiddos are going to be a bit hungry after dinner tonight.

Happy Monday….

Isn’t life delicious!

yogurt kisses

This past weekend was one of many firsts….
it was the first time I tried to drive a stick and failed miserably,
and the first time I got behind the wheel of a vintage VW Bus, 
it was the first time I had a tray of raw oysters spill into my lap (I caught the $300 worth of super smelliness and all I got was a thank you, how about I’ll dry clean you clothes and pay for a new camera bag now that they smell hideous and I never want to use or wear them again),
the first time I tried doing a DIY project I knew nothing about and had it turn out surprisingly well without any major self inflicted injury,
the first time I gave my kids magic shell ice cream topping and they loved it! Don’t we all
and the first time I didn’t have anyone to visit on Father’s Day the kids went with theirs, I don’t have a father in-law anymore and my Dad was 1500 miles away. 
it was also the first time I realized that growing older has it’s perks like no longer getting embarrassed for being your own unique and crazy self and asking have you seen my sunglasses?….when they’re on your face.
But I did find this awesome sign on the wall at Wintzell’s Oyster House in Orange Beach that pretty much sums up my life right now.