Blue Ribbon Day!

Pea #1 & #2 had an awesome showing at the county fair, three blue ribbons total and Stream even got Best of Show for her photograph of a rusty wheel. I’m so proud! Some say it’s in the genes and well yes both their parents are Professional Photographers but I think it’s more about them coming to work with me almost every week since they were 3 months old and the 9 months in my tummy. The Peas are like my 4 tiny photo assistants and I actually think they might have pick up a skill or two over the years.

 You can buy this camel for $15,000, who knew they cost so much and don’t worry he’s not dead or sick just munching on some grass.
My favorite photo of the day (taken by me) was little Eco taking a bite of their first candy apple.

“You lookin’ at me? You lookin’ at me? You lookin’ at me?

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Free Fun Fonts

The county fair was a bust, it rained all day with severe thunderstorms, so we stayed home and put away the laundry it was so much fun I might consider the dentist as an option next time.
I’ve been obsessing over fonts lately and here’s one that hits home, literally.
If you don’t get it that’s okay, it may only be readable those who grew up in Buffalo. Even I had a hard time with Z,U,D and F and I was born and raised there.
for more fun free fonts go here.

We’re getting ready! The cooler weather is coming our way (in a few weeks) we are sooooooo wanting to ride and my Madsen bucket bike looks very lonely in the garage. I wish we didn’t have to spend the last 4 summer months indoors, with the heat index over 100 for 100 days is 100% ridiculously, uncomfortably, HOT!

The Hula Dance

Stream got a hula hoop for her 9th birthday and was whirling away on the coffee table, it’s the whamo kind from the 70’s & 80’s. I remember spending all summer working on my neck and arm hooping trying to master my skills at age 4. The kiddos like to watch me and I don’t mind looking silly one bit.
Little Eco made up a birthday song, it was just awesome!!
I think she might have some talent and it sure doesn’t come from me.

We’re headed to the county fair today to check on Luna and Stream’s 4-H entries, it’s the first time submitting anything so I really hope there’s a ribbon or two for each to go with all their hard work.


White Melon Musings~Decor in shades of white

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Happy Birthday to my Sweet Pea

I can’t believe it was 9 years ago that I started having contractions during tropical storm Isidore, it is so true when they say hurricanes and tropical storms cause women to go into labor, I had a few friends that had their babies that week as I welcomed my second child and beautiful baby girl named Sophia.

Happy Birthday sweetie you are so special and one of the kindest souls, the world is lucky to have you.

Not Me Monday: last minute moments

Nope, I definitely am not teaching my kids to do things at the last minute like me. No we didn’t start making a birthday present 45 minutes before the party and we didn’t but it in the wrapping paper with the paint still wet and no we’re not going to be running around town working on the girls 4-H project later this morning on the last day to enter and I didn’t loose half of it, really I didn’t, please don’t tell the kids (I really should be off the computer, not blogging). We didn’t eat cookies for breakfast and our house is not a pig sty less than 24 hours until we celebrate Peace’s 9th birthday. Gees, I’m exhausted just writing about everything so It won’t be me taking a nap this afternoon when there projects to finish, really I won’t.

                                    this is really not our dining room table this morning.