Goodbye 2011

 Hello 2012
This past year has been one of the most challenging of my life and probably the most defining in my children’s lives and even though we don’t know where the road ahead will lead we welcome in the new year with open arms and hope that all our troubles will stay far behind us, so here’s to jumping feet first into a new chapter of life!

DIY: Lego Bracelet

 Zen spends most of his day walking around the house looking for his Lego figures so for Christmas I decided to make him something that he could attach them to and hopefully not loose then as much anymore, I know wishful thinking.

First go to your local thrift store or secondhand shop and find a big box of legos. 
I found mine at Goodwill for $11 and my son has already called dibs on the left over legos.
Sift through the lego box and find about 12-15 square shaped pieces.
 Then I used a 1/8 titanium drill bit and drilled a hole straight through each lego.
Be sure to use a titanium bit, they go through really easy and it won’t melt the plastic.

After your done drilling the holes, string them with a semi-stretchy band. 
I used some plastic necklace string just slightly smaller diameter than the 1/8 hole we drilled which I found at our local craft store (Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Walmart should have what you need), it had enough give to stretch over my sons hand but left it tight enough not to fall off. Elastic may work fine too.
You might not use all ten legos or you might have to add a few more depending on the size of the wrist.

So far so good, no new missing ninjagos fighters or astronauts yet.

DIY: Santa Beard Kits

The kiddos and I got pretty creative over the holidays thanks to Pinterest and so old ideas we had and reinvented them like these Santa Beard Kits we first did at Eco’s “Christmas in July” themed third birthday party, poor Santa had to endure the 100+ degree weather that day. But what great memories we have of all the festivities!

First you’ll need to get the bags of cotton candy(any flavor) they can purchased at any local grocery store, Walmart, ect. or you can rent a machine at your local party supply store. Since I have a commercial size Candy Floss cart I made ours by hand.***

Next I made the paper tags with brown wrapping paper and stamped the front and back then stapled the tags to each bag of cotton candy.

Makes a pretty simple and fun gift or party favor. They kids really seem to enjoy play and eating them!

***Fresh cotton on rainy days only last 2 hours before shrinking and 5 or so hours on regular dry days But of course it was raining the day we made ours so I made them right before we went out to deliver them. ***
The kits can be made ahead of time if you’re using pre-package cotton candy.

    And finally let the kids have fun with it!

P.S. Don’t forget to take photos of their creations.

Instagram Christmas at a glance

We’ll miss Hoppy, he headed back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, the kiddos had so much fun finding him every morning and laughing at his silliness like ballet dancing with our art mannequin.

Though we miss Hoppy we have some new visitors in our home to entertain us.
 welcome Blossom, Tippy and Tumbelina.

and later this week I’ll post a tutorial on how to make this butterfly mobile it was my gift to Luna and Stream,  I just love how it turned out.
Well I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I didn’t mind working on Christmas the day seem to just fly by and before I knew it we were home and warm and cozy snuggling on the sofa talking about how thankful we are for everything were are able to have and give.

Home for the Holidays!

We all long to spend the holidays with family and loved ones and that wish came true for nearly 100 troops from the 1165th Military Police Company! There were lots of tears and cheers as hundreds lined the streets to welcome them home, what a great day and gift and for those families, and those who can’t be home for the holidays like me for whatever reason I hope you have a very Merry Christmas or Chanukah or Kwaanza and Happy New Year!

 Eco posing with the Dogwood trail Maids, remember her Halloween costume here doesn’t it looked just like their’s?

My little girl felt so special finally getting to meet them.

I think there’s a really hungry troop coming off one of those buses.

Voted him the best smile of the day by me.
He just beams with joy!

Welcome Home and Merry Christmas Everyone!