Happy Leap Year!!!!

Doggle Family Portrait

Forgive if I don’t write much today I’ll be keeping a close eye on my kiddos who have some crazy idea that if you cry on Quaedrennial Day/Leap year you’ll be showered with candy so their plan is getting hurt today, ugh!

Yes those are really my kids dressed in bathing suits in February.

Lucky for me they decided to be showered with water instead.



Whole lot of Bull…

Riding going on around here, that is!

First we got to get our drink on while staring down the competition.

 Luna was a very focused rider.

 I think Zen might have laughed himself off the bull.
 And that’s what fear looks like on a five year old, she lasted 5 seconds before Mommy had to jump in and recue her.

Finally Stream saddled up and stayed on the longest, we thought she was going down but this cowgirl’s got spunk and she held on for a second go around!

Picked Off

We headed to the local flea market to get a glimpse of them filming the new series Picked Off, a spin off of Picker’s, even better was that all the vendors had their best wares out for the show so we scored an awesome 1950’s desk for the kiddos to do schoolwork at and he even left some cool supplies inside.

 I wonder if that guy’s thinking how’d half my body get over there.

Wish we were in LA but that’s Lower Alabama around these parts.

Must own a Hummer to fit the rest of China in her car, to funny to pass up and you know the economy’s bad when they’re selling a whole country for $150 OBO. 
The lady got a kick out of us poking fun at her sign, we weren’t the first.

MoonPie Madness

Is officially over! 
Well Mardi Gras at least. The finally count was 13 parades, 4 giant mounds of beads, stuffed animals and throws, 3 naps, 21 miles walked, a lifetime supply of MoonPies and……
a puppy named Pepper!
I guess it’s time to say goodbye to our Christmas Mardi Gras tree too. I’ll definitely miss it and the wonderful smell that has greeted me at our door since the first week of December but it’s time to get my crafting on and make some new decorations I found on Pinterest, after all it’s 73 degrees out today. 

Even though I’m not really a “dog person” sometime a pet just picks you and our pretty little Pepper seems very content at our home and playing in the neighbors fallen Camellia flowers, we are so happy she came.

The Paper Mama link up Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Instagram Moment of Love

I love this photo, I snapped it with Instagram on the ipod touch while our sweet Eco was reading the Valentine’s card from my Mom and Dad. I could stare at her big eyes all day and many days I have especially when she was a baby, her sibling would say they looked like giant marbles, they are so shiny and blue, she’s so funny and full of life we all love her so much!
I did decided to re-shooting this with my Canon 5D mark II, but sometime recapturing a moment even with an expensive camera doesn’t always have the same feeling as the original, I love it just as it is, but was hoping to get something I can enlarge bigger than the original 2″x2″ format, in the end I’ll stick with the Instagram one, it just has a sweetness about it the other didn’t.

To me the answer wasn’t inside the card but in my heart.

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