Photo Challenge: Eyes

The challengeAll photo challenges should be based around your children (pets welcome). Share a photo of some pretty eyes.
My example of “Eyes”:

What is it about sleeping children that can leave us staring for hours? Is it their peacefulness, quiet beauty or those beautiful eyelashes? Probably all of the above.

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Happy Weekend!


Photographing my Kids

Over the years I’d come home from work and put my camera down, it would sit there until the next time I went off to work, to think of all those memories I let slip by, as a photojournalist I’d never let the moment happen without capturing it but when it came to switching hats and becoming a momtographer that proved to be a difficult process for me. The biggest challenge was finding the energy to pick up the camera on my days off, partly because my equipment was so big and well embarrassing to bring on the playground that I’d opt to leave it behind. It wasn’t until I came across another mom blogger talking about her favorite lens that I began my months of research and saving. Back in January I made a resolution to photograph my children and not let any more moments slip away, I was going to make books too, no more memories lost on my computer I wanted tangible proof of our joys and sorrows and my new lens has proven to be the catalyst to the change I needed, I am thankful for my kids, our future and my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 which is the perfect everyday lens.
 Monday I’ll show off my DIY camera bag project I’ve been working on that now holds my new awesome lens and be sure to stop by Under The Sycamore and see AshleyAnn’s great photography with using her 24-70mm on her post today.
I’m so glad to have the opportunity to homeschool and capture the spark in Zen’s eyes as he looking through his new favorite book BIG NATE, now just crossing my finger’s this inspires him to learn to read.
ISO 100 f/3.2 1/500 using Canon 24-70mm

 Here’s to curling up with a good book and some homemade pizza in the backyard on a sunny afternoon.
hammock: Anthropologie  2011
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DIY: Tie Dyed Eggs

This was a really fun and easy way to dye eggs. 
What you’ll need:

100% silk ties
white cotton material
twist ties
heavy pot
We started by going to the local thrift store and picked up some 100% silk ties for 50 cents each.
Picked up a dozen large eggs. I already had twine, vinegar and scraps of white cotton material laying around so the total cost of this project was $5.
First we cut open the backs of the ties and removed the inside lining, then we cut a piece of tie big enough to wrap around the egg and fastened it with twine. Then wrapped white cotton material around that and secured with a twist tie. The eggs are uncooked at this point so be careful not to over tighten or crack them.
We then places them in a pan of water (just enough to cover the eggs) and add 1/4 cup vinegar  binging that to a boil for 20 minutes. 
Let cool and unwrapped the eggs.
This was the really fun part! It worked perfectly!
I did find the more contact the silk makes when you wrap it around the egg the more color that transfers onto the eggs. Any folds or air pockets will between the egg and the material will remain white in those spots.
The kids had a blast and I was extra excited over easy cleanup.

Lifeguard Duty

I consider my self our families official lifeguard, constantly watching, listening and rescuing them from impending death. I sleep with one eye open though I’m not sure if that’s for their safety or mine. Even a casual walk down the street can result in blood and gore and I have officially banned crocs from them after the last fall, the’re worse than slipping on a banana peel, did I mentioned that actually happened to us. The outside world is full of lurking danger; acorns, garbage cans(we walk into one almost weekly) cracks on the sidewalk and even wet grass can result in one of my kiddos taking a tumble that’s before haven’t we reach the end of our street. I don’t know when or if I’ll ever stop being on duty, add water into the mix and I might have to call for back up.

Spring Break is officially here and how nice it’s been to have a week free of soccer, piano and school work. We’re spending some quality time kicking off our shoes and hanging around with friends.

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Shutter Happy

I definitely don’t fit in as a true soccer mom, I’m not there to scream for every move my kids makes, I don’t keep score or have my own chair on the side lines, I don’t even know the name of his team. sports is just not my thing. So as I sat there half attentive watching the game I realized I like soccer, well at least photographing it. Out of all the sports it’s the most fun to take photos, the lighting is great, the kids are constantly in action and it’s got great props to work with, even without a camera I managed to take snapped a few good moments with the ipod touch and am lovin’ them, so if anything I’m a shutter happy soccer mom at best. Go team!

From the soccer field to a kitchen full of hungry kids, If your anything like me and can burn rice three times in a row or accidental make pudding instead of fudge or your pancakes are flatter than crepes there’s a this great article from Cooklight  with all the ins and outs of kitchen mistakes or well disasters in my case and how to avoid them.
 I’m really hopeful there won’t be any more green egg salad sandwiches this Easter.

Photo Challenge: Green

The challengeAll photo challenges should be based around your children (pets are always welcome). Share a photo of the little one with green somewhere in the photo.

I love, love, love this photo it’s like The Addams Family meets Ren and Stimpy. 
The weirdest part is Pepper was totally into wearing her goggles or doggles as the kiddos call them.
Check out Chelsey’s blog and her adorable photos of their dog, I wonder if the bow tie comes in pink?