Snap: Spring Session

It is simply perfect outside for another photo shoot later today with two adorable little sisters,  nothing like having a reason to have fun playing in the sun and sand.

Love those pink boots!



I’m starting the weekend off running thinking about this quote I found over at Gretchen’s blog The Happiness Project:

Andy Warhol wrote, “Either once only, or every day. If you do something once it’s exciting, and if you do it every day it’s exciting. But if you do it, say, twice or just almost every day, it’s not good any more.

I really need to ponder this for a while, there’s a deeper meaning I haven’t yet discovered.

Food Fridays: Chocolate Chip Cookies Revised

I thought I’d never see they day that I revise my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe that I worked over 3 years on recipe but it happened, in a moment of complete cookie craving I made a batch knowing that there wasn’t any white sugar in the house or enough eggs, so I improvised with what I had and the kiddos can’t stop asking for them, today was batch #3 with my new recipe and they were soft and chewy, ooey and gooey bites of perfection.

If you notice in my recipe I’m not too picking on putting the ingredients in any particular order, as long as you cream the butter and sugars together  first in the electric mixer, all the remaining ingredients can be added in any order or all at the same time. I add my egg in last, mostly because I like to eat taste test the raw dough first before add it. I also didn’t put salt on the recipe card, it’s already in the butter but I do like to add 1/2 teaspoon to them sometimes but it’s not necessary unless you prefer a saltier cookie and you can also decrease the amount of cinnamon in the recipe 1/2 tablespoon if you not a huge cinnamon fan like myself.

This is a must try, I don’t know how I’m going to control myself from making another batch right now!



It seems like every time I turn on the news or flip trough the internet there’s just so much banter over the state of this country from politics, to the pro Obama noObama supporters, the economy, gas prices, crime, poverty, the deficit, you name it the US would seem to be on the verge of despair and utter chaos, then I’m reminded from moments like these that no matter how hard it’s for us right now and no matter how much harder it may get we as Americans have a better life than so many on this Earth.

This was a big moment for Zen to carry the flag and lead the Children’s Parade as the orchestra played, you just can’t put a price tag or label on that. So good economy or bad we will walk proud.

Wordless/ful Wednesdays: Diamonds are Forever

I was nervous, she wasn’t, it was my suggestion, but her idea, she’s 11, I was 5, her sister was 18 months, so what’s the big deal you might ask? 
I thought she’s perfect just they way she was without getting her ears pierced but we
she did it and it’s official! 
The start into preteendom has begun.

So it was well documented down to every detail so I could remember just when it happened when my baby girl became okay with not being my baby girl anymore. 

She had to peak into every mirror in the store, I was ready to see seven dwarfs or the evil witch appear with an apple ’cause quite frankly she maybe the fairest one this side of Dixie!

Did I mention how nervous her little brother was, he waited outside until after she got her ears done. We looked around the store for a bit it was like stepping into 1986 all over again and there was nothing I care to repeat about my wardrobe or hair back then. Mock turtlenecks I do not miss you.

Luna had a smile on her face the whole time, she especially enjoy shopping for earrings even if it will be 6 months before she can change them and just in time for her birthday! 
So I think that was a hint to myself or the grandparents.

Wordish(less) Wednesday’s Link Up’s:
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DIY: Fabric Signs

We got these awesome old school lockers a few weeks ago to hold supplies in our school/craft room (featured here) and since they’re metal I have basically used my weight in magnets adorning them. I’m a label maker, literally everything in our house is labeled, every cabinet , shelf and drawer thanks to my organization idol Martha! So this project started after picking up a $1 pack of 4 magnetic clips from Target and using some of the fabric scraps from my camera bag insert tutorial and cardboard cereal box from the awesome marshmallow rice krispie eggs from Easter, it’s turned out to be a really easy project and I just love how they turned out.

What you’ll need:

a ruler
scrap material
stamping kit
regular scissors
pinking scissors(zip zag)
sewing machine

First measure out how big you want your overall sign to be and cut the first piece of cardboard to that measurement. Now cut your material a 1/2 inch wider on all sides with the straight scissors. Then stitch the cardboard and material together, it’s easier if the cardboard side faces up when stitching.

Next you will need to measure how big you would like the inside area of the sign where you’ll be stamping, I made mine so there was a 1 inch fabric border around it. Cut the cardboard to size, now place that in the center of the fabric covered cardboard piece and stitch both pieces together. Then trim the fabric edges with the pinking scissors.

Finally use letter stamps to create your custom fabric sign (I used the Martha Stewarts acrylic stamping kit).

This project has many different uses, it would be great in a table setting or party!


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Dog Day Afternoon

Even on lazy day afternoons we still have to walk the dog.
So many photos to edit and thumb through from our weekend festivities, it was nice to relax and let it all go for a day. I really shouldn’t complain but sometimes it tough being a photographer and all you want is to be able to leave your work at the office, at the same time it’s impossible to sit back and 4 adorable kids do some pretty amazing things and think that I could let even one moment go by without capturing it,  nope it’s in my blood, sorry kiddos you’ll thank me when you’re older and I have grandkids.

I could never miss a rare moment like this EVER!