DIY: Pool Noodle Race Track

It’s Wednesday my favorite day of the week, when I was little it was the day my Dad took us for pizza when my Mom was at work, sometimes I still fell like a kid especially when were in the backyard holding matchbox derbies, we’re so excited to  show you our latest summer fun project, we actually it can be used all year round and is great indoors too!

Start your engines!

Now I saw this done with marbles, the noodle was a much small diameter, so when I saw the giant noodle on sale at the grocery store we snagged the last one!
My new obsession other than drilling holes in toys is matchbox cars, wait till I show you are flying ones!  
But that will have to wait for another week since their just so so cool they deserve their own DIY post.

  1. Buy an extra large diameter foam pool noodle, I got mine 1/2 price at the super market ($1.50)
  2. cut the noodle in half with a serrated knife (one side than the other side or electric knife you can cut straight through both sides)
  3. once the noodle is in two pieces lay them on the ground side by side
  4. insert toothpicks where the two halves of the foam noodles touch each other
  5. use as many toothpicks as need to hold the noodle tracks tight together
  6. then with a need nose pliers clip the ends of the tooth picks flush to the noodle

 Now you’re ready to decorate your track

Using cardstock at toothpicks I created small flags for along the sides of the track

 Again with cardstock cut to size I stamped Start and Finish then I cut wooden or bamboo skewers down to size leaving the pointed end exposed (makes it easier to insert into the foam) I then used fast drying Aleene’s Tacky glue I glued the two pieces of cardstock together with the cut ends of the wooden skewers sandwiched in between and we were ready to race!

Finally just prop the track up on a chair, table, bed, pretty much anything, the higher the prop the faster the cars go.

 17 is my lucky number, guess who won?
I don’t bet on the races but it wouldn’t have hurt this time.
This DIY project rates low on the skill level scale, it was very easy and I came out looking like Super Mom!


109 thoughts on “DIY: Pool Noodle Race Track

  1. From taking the toothpicks out and stacking them on top of each other to having the cars race through a box “Obat Telat Datang Bulan” they have found fun and unique ways to play with their pool noodle race track.Cara Menggugurkan Janin Dengan Nanas MudaIn just a week they have played for hours with this track and absolutely loving every minute. The trick was to find pool noodles with a big enough Obat Aborsi Jogja to fit their cars. Luckily our local grocery store (or all places) had some and we were in business. While the boys could not help with the cutting they loved being my assistants in race track construction. But their Obat Aborsi Bandung part was putting the race track to good use.


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