Sweet Pepper Heads Home

We got her all cleaned her up, she drank the bath water, then we all got in the car and brought our sweet Pepper back to her family yesterday, though after 5 months I feel like she became a part of ours.

 We stayed and visited re-introducing her to her brothers and sisters, it was so cute to watch her play with the other wiener dogs and the kids dressed them up and played games it really made Pepper feel at home. Though we were sad leaving her we enjoy the time she visited and I know her family is going to love having her back…especially now that she stopped barking so much.

Not to worry we get to visit her any time we want, maybe she’ll even come back over for a sleepover.

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Food Fridays: Easy Zucchini

This was a huge hit at dinner last night! of course I started out with answering as few questions as I could so I didn’t get the usual complaints and refusal to try anything new, so as I cooked I was bombarded with questions so they could find their way out of eating dinner… “Mommy what’s zucchini? , Does it taste like squash? I won’t like it then.” , “Do you like zucchini?”, “Are you putting capers? They’re gross.”, “Do I have to eat it?”, “Does it taste like cucumber cause it looks like cucumber and I don’t think I want cucumber?”, “It smells like grilled cheese and I don’t want anything like that.”… and so on.  My only response to the onslaught was “Here try it.” and that was all it took before I got the tell tale sign of a good recipe, “Can we have more, please?” . The capers turned out to be the must have ingredient so definitely don’t skip on the little green things even if you haven’t like them before it makes the dish!
3 large zucchini
4 ounces crumbled feta cheese
1-2 ounces of drained capers

In a large pan saute the zucchini with melted butter until their soft and have a nice golden color. Place on a large serving dish then add the crumbled feta cheese and capers on top, serve. This dish couldn’t be any easier and taste like you spent hours in the kitchen.

DIY: Marionette Puppet {from a Stuffed Animal}

I was so inspired yesterday watching Australian Puppeteer Bob Parsons and his Walk-About-Puppet’s Mr. Blister’s Toy Circus at our local library that all I could do was think about how I wanted to make one. But those cost thousands so with a little thought I came up with using one of kids stuffed animals and cost was under $2.

After you cut the dowels down to size you will use a 3/8 drill bit to but 2 holes in the 5/8 dowel 2inches from each end. Do this very, very slowly or the dowel will split but lucky for me the dowel made three 12inch long pieces and I got it on the third try!

This is where the strings will attach onto the crossbar. Bead goes in the hole and the string goes through the slit to secure it.

After sewing the strings on to the stuffed animal it will be time to determine how long you want them, then tie the beads at the end of the strings, put the beads into the holes remaining in the crossbar and  the strings through the slits at each end.

Depending on what kind of animal you use will determine how many strings, there are six holes available we only used 4 or them for our little monkey.

Once that’s done it’s time to play!

The kids are having so much fun with Mr. Parsley!!

Total project cost $1.75
(we had most of the supplies only purchased the wooden dowels)

Project time: 1 hour

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{WW}: We-Picked Blueberries!


It was an early crop this year with all the warm weather, so I’m glad we remembered to go
 and bring along some friends too. Every year though it seems like we either forget or
manage to pick the last blueberries off the bushes. My helpers plucked, tossed, dropped and picked
over 3 pounds! Now I just have to come up with some yummy blueberry recipes.
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Kitty Perry: Cone-Gate

Snowball aka Kitty Perry got injured last week, we don’t know whether she fell out of a tree
 or was attacked but whatever it was left a gaping wound the size of a golf ball 
that wouldn’t heal so the vet gave us a cone to keep her from picking at it and that’s
 how I left to sleeping peacefully on the back porch in her kitty cone.

And this is what I woke up to, sure she looks sweet and very pretty but where’s the cone?????? 
We search for hours, asked neighbors and looked under every bush she hunts for birds in 
and found nothing.  She won’t tell us anything we asked.
 So I can’t say were shocked, Kitty Perry has a track record of surprising us with her wit,
and she just looks so darn cute doing it too. But seriously where is it????

Summer Feet

Who doesn’t like little sandy feet, well at least on the beach and not walking across my wooden floors. The kiddos actually hate the sand so we rarely go an play at the beach even though it’s less than a mile from our house, they’d rather just keep their shoes on and hang out on the swings near by but with some coaxing they agreed to take this photo for me if there was a trip to the ice cream shop afterwards.

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