{SH} Sundays #14

It’s a hard week for me emotionally but I am comforted in the
 fact that I can express myself 
through images and share them with you.


The day is finally here, I won’t be seeing my photos framed inside these yellow boxes anymore, 
 along with so many of our talented reporters and photographers.
 I’ll miss seeing their faces and bylines and most off all chance to touch and connect to
 the community and impact lives everyday.

Getting Ready

So now I’m getting ready to transition from my life as a full time photojournalist to

 photographer of some sort, not sure what to label or not label myself yet, 
I’ll dabble in family, lifestyle, newborn photography until I find my new niche.


Must try and look on the brighter side of things more or if not at least take in a few more sunsets.

Teeny Tiny

We marked International Day of Peace by scattering tiny colorful rocks all around town.


Best way to reconnect is to tie each other together for a three-legged race.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


Happy Birthday double high five style

Happy 10th Birthday to my sweet girl who has a huge heart and many loves:

competitive joy

 breath of sunshine
best puddle jumper
loyal friend
pretty as a picture

 great teacher
animal lover

 early riser
not afraid to take the bull by it’s horns

loves running with the sand between her toes

delicate like a flower

I’d go through hoops for this girl!

Quarterly Top 5 Photos

There’s wasn’t an easy way to pick my Top 5 Photos from July, August & September. So I chose
 which ones stood out in my mind the most, I probably have over a dozen other photos that are 
my favorites of each of the kiddos we had a great summer, but the ones below are what I remember
 the most from our adventurestaken with both my iphone and my “big” camera.

 It’s all about capturing the moment for me.

Favorite top 5:
(in no particular order)

 fresh flowers, sunset and hair that’s sums it up pretty well.

We managed to catch a few extra sunsets on the bay and boy are they beautiful!

We might not be Olympians in the pool but they’re a lot farther from drowning.

Learning to read was a big goal for Zen before the start of the new school year.

It might actually be possible to spend too much time on the playground.
 (I get dizzy all over again just looking at this)

I’m so tempted to add a few more but I’m working on following the rules lately, want to see more? Your welcome to stay and browse our previous posts.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge


International Day of Peace …Rocks!

Earlier this year we rocked the town with heart message rocks and the kids really wanted to do it again, so to celebrate International Day of Peace (September 21st) they gathered rocks at sunset along the bay and after we got home they grabbed our stash of sharpies to draw peace signs all over each one, on the back side I wrote the word peace in different languages, then coated the rocks with some Mod Podge since sharpie tends to rub off the rock.

So if you happen to stumble upon our little town don’t forget to look down you just might find one of our rocks and we hope you do!
{Processed using Florabella Colorplay actions: Matte Film + Peace}


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Monday’s Behind My Lens #2

The thing I love most about having a career in the arts is that there is always something new to learn.
I’ve spent the last 16 years in a newsroom far away from the world of Photoshop actions and photo manipulation.
We captured life in it’s purest getting creative with angles, composition and light when ever possible. 
I love that now I have the opportunity to explore so many avenues in photography that I never knew existed.
 The world of blogging has allowed me to connect and find other photographers who
inspire me to continue to want to pick up my camera and discover.
This week I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried adding some
 custom heart bokeh into my photos.
It looked so simple in the tutorials, I should know better and trying to do it in
 five minutes was ridiculous.
It spent that long just looking for a lens cap, which I apparently don’t own,
so I tried making it with a a filter and black construction paper with a heart shape cutout. 
I wouldn’t say it failed but initially I just couldn’t get it to work the way it was
suppose to but in the end I definitely had
hearts in my photos, not as creative or perfect as I would have liked.
It solidifies that I don’t know everything about photography and how wonderful is that!
 It keeps me on my toes and never bored, something new will always be on the horizon.
bokeh made using a filter covered with a black heart cutout: lens set at 50mm f/2.8

camera setting failure
So I opted to take off my black custom bokeh filter and grab a photo prop we used for our Christmas card,  the red lips on a stick worked the best but it did give a slight reddish cast over the image, if they were black lips I’m sure it would work perfectly.
Canon 28-70mm , lens set at 50mm f/2.8

Finally got Stream into a better position with the light and used red the red lips over my lens, not all the bokeh are perfect hearts but it’s still a good first effort, I’m happy.

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{SH} Sundays #13

A lot of camera phone pix this week, but I’m happy to say my ribs are on the mend,
still a lot of daily pain and I’m on day 11 sleeping in an upright position so
let’s hope it doesn’t drive me to the brink of insanity.

The Bokeh proved to be more difficult them I imagined but after some trial and
error and some silliness there was success, we made hearts!
 It’s good to stretch the levels of creativity and try something new.


We love our Saturday trip to the coffee house and hanging out with friends, Zen grabbed
some reading glasses and entertained them by making silly faces. 
(thank goodness they were already cracked before my kids got a hold of them).


Stream found the perfect hole in the fencing at the playground, we manage to visit yet another one this week.


The first sign of fall, a yellow leaf fallen from the big tree over looking our backyard.

 Ordinary Color

I wish my lips were ordinarily this color and shape.
 I thought you might like to see how I managed to get my bokeh hearts, remember
 this prop from this previous post it worked perfectly!


This proved to be a bit more difficult than I thought , but mission accomplished.

(click for bokeh tutorial here)

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


{PF}: Little Blue Fish

   I was in the middle of teaching an intro to photography class this morning when there was a knock,  
upon opening the door I found this….. the cutest little fish this side of Dixie. 
Everyone let out a laugh and picked up their cameras, nothing like an impromptu photo shoot for the first day of class.
Oh how I love this little girl! She brings so much sunshine into our lives everyday.

To see more of what this little fish has been up to click here.


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