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Have a Safe Holiday Everyone!


{WW} Halloween 2012

Oh yeah! It’s that time of year again when I look the other way and let
 my kids eat as much candy as they want for 3 days and I love seing what they 
decide to be. Not so spooky this year but I think I might just have the cutest
rain cloud, cherry pie, fish and Luke Skywalker on the planet!

The weather’s been a bit cool here but it’s nothing compared to what going on along
 the east coast. I’ve been through a couple major hurricanes here myself and and my heart goes out to them,their friends and family,stay safe!
Costume contests, trunk or treat, games, prizes, and tons of candy!

Cherry Pie costume tutorial go HERE.

Anyone else see the rainbow in my sweet rain cloud?????

Happy Halloween Everyone!

….and this is totally how my kids feel about Halloween and eating tons of FREE candy!

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Sarah Halstead

Easy as Pie Halloween Costume

This Halloween Costume is great last minute idea, it took me under an hour to make and I was able to find 
everything I needed right in my house and it’s a great way to repurpose those old fleece blankets.
Go grab some cardboard, silver duck tape, fleece, pillow batting, a needle and thread and your glue gun.
First cut out two identical sized cardboard circles, I made ours 24 inches across*.
  note* the circle diameter will depend on the size of the child or person wearing it.  
Next I cut out a 28 inch circle in tan fleece for the pie crust, and a 26 inch circle in red fleece
 for the cherry filing.
then I used my pinking shears and cut 14 strips 26 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide.
12 of them are going to be used as the woven pire crust and 2 for the straps.
Now get that glue gun hot and ready!
take one of the cardboard circles and start glueing the red fleece half way around the edge.
The stuff with some pillow batting and finish glue all the way around the edge.
Next take the strips of tan fleece weaving them to look like pie crust and glueing them down along the edge of the circle, then trim of any extra.
Now take your tan fleece circle and run a chain stitch about a 1/2 inch from the edge all the
 way around, then fit over that same cardboard circle and pull the thread to gather tightly 
around you pie.
Take the glue gun running a bead of glue along the inside to secure it in place.
Now it’s time to take the duct tape and cover the other cardboard circle, on the front side and before you tape up the back side glue down your shoulder straps before covering them over with duct tape.
Finally glue the other side of the straps onto the backside of the tan pie crust.

The whipped cream cherry hat is optional, but a great topping to the costume.
I used a piece of white felt, scrap of red fleece, more batting, pipe cleaner and a hair clip.
Costume Cost: under $5
Happy Halloween!

{SH} Sundays #18

I have officially glued my fingers together and have no finger prints left, but the kiddos have 
some really awesome Halloween costumes to show for it! I even have one too but it will all 
have to wait until Wednesday’s post for pix of our candy collecting fun!!!!


This beautiful artwork was done by Little Eco (age 6), think she was hinting about a Christmas present.


I had to snapped a photo of this car for my parents, it was made the same year they were born!

Signs or Logos

What kind of Mom do they think I am, sneaking around and eating their fluff.


We had fun trying on eye glasses, thought I might need some but instead they just made my dizzy.

Rocks or Stones

Collecting and painting rocks is one of our favorite crafts.

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

and then, she {snapped}

Boy and the Red Balloon

I’m not easily fooled, well at least I thought I wasn’t until last night.
I went in my Zen’s room to tuck him in, sometime if I take to long getting there he 
curls up under his blanket and won’t let me kiss him goodnight.
So I thought that was the case, I patted him on his back and said sorry your too upset 
at me to say goodnight and began to walk out of the room.
It was not until I heard a laugh from the corner of the room that I realized
I’d been fooled. I apparently said goodnight to a balloon and a pillow.
I’m so glad he’s only 8 and was playing a joke on me and not a teenager 
who had snuck out of the house.

{WW} : Backyard Pogo Stick Jumping

We found a new fun way of aerating the lawn. What started out more as a confidence builder,
and the myth you can’t get as hurt falling on the soft grass, turned in to looking out the
 window and seeing to two heads bopping around the yard for hours. I use to spend my
 summers pogo sticking and wondering if I had what it took to break the Guinness Book of World Record
 for continuous jumps on a pogo stick but 177,737 hops in 20 hours and 20 minutes is
probably a little too long for me and a bit crazy too.
Zen is totally rocking his new helmet, we finally found one that was big enough for his head,
 he grew out of his others and even a women’s small was well too small. The Krash Helmets 

                                                     by Raskullz Child 

are so cool, fun and really encourage       

 at least my kiddo to wear his. 


Happy Wordless(ish) Wednesday Everyone!
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