{SH} Sundays #21

Happy Scavenger Hunt Sunday Everyone!

The founders of our little town envisioned a utopian society and on nights like tonight watching 
Polar Express in the street they would have been proud, even if it was freezing cold! Brrrrr!


I will look to the trees as a sign of strength to get me through these hard times and emerge more beautiful then ever.


A bunch of cute as a button ballerinas. 


Stretching this one, there a little road map on the front of this vintage trike.

Favorite Fruit.

Satsumas are my kids new favorite snack, they are in such abundance this year the trees are nearly falling over.
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19 thoughts on “{SH} Sundays #21

  1. Beautiful shots! I can't decide which is my favorite- maybe the leaves? No, wait, definitely the little girls…ohh, but what about the clown feet?

    Found you on simple as that.


  2. The fruit looks very delicious…I love the dual image you used.

    The ballerinas are adorable! I love them! The awkward stance of the girl in the middle reminds me of myself in class…when not en pointe, my feet went however they needed to in order to be different 😀


  3. Wonderful set.
    Wow you had a lot of people out to watch Polar Express. Everyone seems to be having a good time though.
    Loved your Strong shot – Gorgeous color.
    Map was really fun.
    Your fruit shot was very nice, they look so juicy.


  4. that trike shot is so hilarious! 😉 and I love the ballerina shot too!
    have a happy Thanksgiving! oh…love the idea of Polar Express outside… though it is usually too wet to do that here in Washington… we rode a “Polar Express” Christmas train in Mt. Hood Oregon once! 😉 so fun… even if the elves were giant! my kids were perplexed! =)


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