{WW} :Kitchen Sneak Peek

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, remodeling it that is. It’s been a month and what a transformation. Just a few more finishing touches and it’s done! 

Here’s a sneak peek for you all while I try and get the paint out of my hair.

I’m so thankful to be rid of the 1960’s countertops not to mention the faux brick floor and outdated appliances. It took many trips to the hardware store to fix that mess.

The hardest part is picking out photos and waiting for the photo canvases to arrive so I can create a gallery wall. I wanted to add lots and lots of color against the kitchen’s mostly neutral palette. Nothing makes me happier than to cook heart shaped food for the kiddos in a bright and cheery kitchen surrounded by their smiles.
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{SH} Sundays #30

Wow! The big 30, well that was 8 years ago for me but thirty Sundays sure does pass quickly in blog time.

Time to Eat

Off with her pink hair!
Good times with friends and I’m so thrilled to have our kitchen remodeling over with so we can finally enjoy a meal around the table together.

Getting Ready

Getting ready for our first full week with three of the kiddos in public school, it’s going to be so quiet in the house.


Little Eco was so happy Cali finally warmed up tio her and spent some time playing with her and snuggling on the couch.

Sweet Dreams

If we all could be this cute when we sleep.


Missing Pepper, she sure was a lot of fun.

DIY: Closet Makeover

In the last couple weeks 3 of my kiddos have headed off to school and with them went backpacks and lunch boxes. We never had that with homeschooling and every afternoon at 3 o’clock my back hallway fills up with all this stuff. I had to come up with a quick and simple solution, a small DIY project seemed like a good idea.  So I dugg up my vintage hooks from the basement that I snagged off Ebay years ago, emptied our hall closet and spent the day making it over. For under $40 we now have a fabulous backpack closet
and no more clutter in my hallway!

select pine in 4 inch and 3 inch wide planks
(for board & batten)
leftover MDF for the baseboard
leftover kitchen flooring
molding for infront of the shelves
leftover kitchen paint in 2 colors
vintage hooks
paneling nails
liquid nails
paintable caulk

miter box 
measuring tape

I was so happy to get to this point in the project and hang up their backpacks!
Love quick 24 hour transformations that but a smile on your face and a bit of paint in the hair.
Happy Wednesday!

{WW} : Remembering Flight 3407

It was 4 years ago today a plane fell out of the sky and changed this small community
 forever. Fifty-one angels were on board that day, they were brothers, sisters, sons and
daughters, cousins, moms and dads and a high school classmate of mine. It touch everyone
 here and continues to as family and friends meet in Washington today to help make
commercial aviation safer for all of us. We stopped by the memorial this morning and it’s
hard not to cry even after 4 years.

Flight 3407 Memorial

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{SH} Sundays #28

Happy Sunday! It really is now that I’m finished painting our kitchen cabinets and can take a break from all the home renovations for the afternoon.

The Small Things

My girls really get into playing with their Lalaloopsy minis and using my phone to photograph them.


Stream had drawn these illustrations of chicks flying in for her great-uncles birthday, it’s too cute and the chicks are cut out of paint chip swatches.


Just having a little fun with Luna’s long hair.

Work of Art

when my 12 year old makes a birthday card she goes all out, this creation took over 6 hours. 

Window Beauty
the snow is stuck to all the trees, it’s so beautiful to look out of from my kitchen window. The kitchen I’ve been remodeling for 3 weeks. I can’t wait to show the big reveil it turned out great but I’m exhausted after putting in 8 hour days with all the DIY projects.