{SH} Sundays: #36

I’m so glad to be starting a new week and that my son survived his near drowning without any complications and our new pup is adjusting well so I think she’ll keep us, though she just might be the first dog ever to be frightened of a 7 pound cat.






Happy Sunday!


What Drowning Really Looks Like: My 8 year olds Near Drowning Experience

(Eco’s 6th birthday pool party 2012)

Drowning is silent and often goes unnoticed by those within arms length of the victim. I know because on Monday my son almost became one of the 4000 annual drowning victims in the United States. That’s on average 10 people die on unintentional drowning a day, which means about 40 people have died since my son’s near drowning, 40!

So everybody understands this can happen to anyone even to me the over protective pool mom,whose kids are usually the only ones in the pool with life vests on.

So what was different about Monday?

It was their first real swim lesson, I wanted them to be more comfortable in the pool and well everyone should know how to swim, right?. The kids all wanted to stay in the pools after their lesson and practice what they had just learned and I felt pretty okay about it, it was the shallow end and on either side sitting were TWO lifeguards and I was within feet where they were.

So what happened?

My son managed to drift just far enough that he wasn’t able to keep his head up. The water was 3ft 9inches to be exact, my son is 48 inches tall. He could touch the bottom and the top of his head was still above water which made it harder to realize he was in trouble. His oldest sister was standing right next to him and was actually able to grab his hand but not able to lift his head above the water or even pull him back to the edge of the pool during the near drowning.

I had called to her early on in the drowning to give him a little help, he was just a few seconds under at that point, then the seconds just seem to add up and fly by (it wasn’t slow motion like in the movies) he went from dunking his face in the water to full blown drowning in under a minute.

I call out to his sister I think I might be having trouble, I remember feeling like I didn’t want to over react I called out again after I could see his long hair floating on the waters surface, I knew he couldn’t hold his breathe that long, so this time I yelled out he’s drowning, that over reacting thought flew out the window as I screamed over and over he’s drowning. I found myself fully clothed in the pool lifting his helpless body up making sure his face was above water.

Lifeguards where are you?

They jumped in after I was in the pool, after I had lifted my sons head above the water, after I had called out that he was drowning, after they should have already helped.

 Most drowning victims don’t yell or wave their arms to alert someone that they are in trouble. They are in a state of shock, and are often silent.

We pulled his limp body out of the water he was breathing, coughing, gasping for air and vomiting. I knew this was bad, I knew this wasn’t a kid that just swallowed to much water this was a boy who was within seconds of being pulled out of that pool dead. But he wasn’t dead.

What do you do after someone near drowns?

I had no idea! All I knew was my son was gasping for air and vomiting, my phone was in my pocket at the time so I had no way to call 911, should I call 911? I didn’t know what the protocol was and the lifeguards just kept telling him he was okay and didn’t offer to call for an ambulance or doctor so was it really that serious?

Yes near drowning is really that serious!

Call 911 no matter what!

But since I didn’t know that and nobody seemed to want to offer that advice I grabbed all 4 of my kids we loaded into the minivan and I drove frantically to the hospital as my son complained he could see, his vision was blurry, he was scarred and I was going straight to the ER no matter what to find out the answers I needed about what to do after a near drowning.

We arrived at the hospital soaking went, water and air conditioning don’t mix, they were so kind and gave us blankets. I explained what had happened and ask what you should do after  somebody almost drowns, she said CALL 911. If you child almost drowns, shows signs of distress like vomiting even though they didn’t need CPR call 911! Chances are they inhaled water and could have life threatening complications like pneumonia. Some near drowning victims can died within the forst 7 hours from drowning! Yes drowning even though they made it out of the pool and another percentage can die days later from complications.

Holy Cow! I was overwhelmed at this point still in a state of shock that this happened to me, to one of my kids and at the same time I didn’t want to leave his side or the hospital until they could tell me he was okay, that he was one of the lucky ones.

It one takes seconds for for a day at the pool, lake, ocean or river to turn tragic.

I’m thankful for that mom instinct everyone whose experienced it talks about, it kicks in and you feel like superwoman flying through the air and having the strength of a thousand men and conquering any obstacle. Saving my son didn’t make me a hero like the Doctor told him I was or well I didn’t feel like one, hero’s are firefighter and those special human beings that don’t think twice to helping a complete stranger. I felt more like a selfish mom who in no way was going to let my son die at 8 years old, and in no way was I going to let his little sister go back home to an empty room that she shares with her brother, and there was no way he was going to miss out on third grade , or learning to play baseball and there was no no way I was letting him go, not yet. I’m not a hero I’m his mom and that’s my job to keep him safe the best I can.

Drowning is scary, drowning is life changing, drowning can be prevented.

My son describes what happened very simply, he went under the water, his feet were touching the bottom and he tried to jump back up but couldn’t. He felt his sister grab his arm, he saw the lifeguards talking to each other, he felt like some one was holding both his arms down under the water, his body was heavy and he felt the water go into his lungs. He thought he was going to die. 

Everyone keeps saying get him right back in to the pool so he doesn’t develop a fear of water. He is not afraid of the pool but wants to take a couple months before going back and I’m going to respect that.

Summer break has just begun for many and I hope that through our story others will  become aware of what drowning looks like or well doesn’t look like (movies have it all wrong) and help make this a safer summer for all.

( Even though my son was not rescued by the Lifeguards on duty we still have great respect for those who do their job well, 
especially the ones that I have watch on several occasions rescue distressed swimmers)

Summertime Fun: Chasing Fireflies

How to catch a firefly
Supplies needed:
 butterfly net and a glass jar with lid
Tho find these wonderful little glowing bugs which are found in marshes or in wet, wooded areas where their larvae have 
abundant sources of food you must set out at dusk.
The firefly larvae or better known as the glow worm feed on snails and slugs and emerge out or 
hibernation in spring, with that info we found a large number of firefly in the wooded fields where we had been collecting snails earlier in the week.

The fireflies didn’t come out until 10-20 minutes after sunset, so just before it’s officially dark outside you’ll start to see their twinkling lights.

Fireflies are fairly easy to catch, they’re slow fliers and glow intermittingly. We found using a simply
 butterfly net will work perfect and have a glass jar with a lid on hand so the kiddos can get a close look
 at this amazing insect.

Some adult fireflies also eat other insects. Some eat pollen and other flower parts, and some probably do
 not eat anything at all and do not last more than a few days in the jar.

I recommend keeping your fireflies for a no more than 48 hours giving the kids a chance to study and watch then flicker on the nightstand and then letting them go.

Our firefly outing was so much fun, especially with this being my kids first time ever seeing them in their natural habitat, even Echo (our dog) managed to catch three…. I mean eat three.

{SH} Sundays #35

Happy Sunday!Finally starting to feel like summer and having all four kiddos home makes me really happy.


5th grade class picnic and good ole game of tug-o-war.

Arts & Crafts

busy making the perfect 9 year old gift :Lego bracelets


homemade s’mores ice cream, reaching *sugar overload as I try and perfect the recipe.


time together picking fresh strawberries


even though she only attended public school for the last 5 months her effort over the past years was recognized now onto middle school!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

WW :: Flower Power

It’s just keeps raining so I guess June showers bring pretty flowers!
Wildflower daisies are my summertime favorite. I’m not much of a fresh cut flower gal, last thing I want is
a dozen long stem roses (though they smell divine) but I prefer finding something beautiful growing wild in a field and picked by my kiddos
to top it off they last up to 2 weeks and look absolutely breathtaking on my kitchen table!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
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{SH} Sundays #34

When it rains it keeps raining here looking forward 
to the end of school and hopefully a summer full of sunshine and bike rides.


Loving the endless supply of daisy wildflowers, spring time in NY.


2 beautiful ballerinas from my lastest Mommy and Me photo session.


Eco giggling as she tries out our homemade tree swing for the first time…
the kiddos were surprised my knots held up them. 


My little kitchen helper making her first batch of cheese crackers with Mommy.


Puddle riding has become a must so we try and get out for a ride between the breaks in the rain and have fun.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

{WW} : iphone photo dump

Sometimes the phone captures a moment better than my BIG camera as my kiddos refer to it, the incorrect color, the
overly contrast photo and the washed out sun flare really seem to create a mood that a dslr just can’t..

riding through puddles

little door step present

new love -vintage milk crates

shopping at tj maxx

daisies from my little girl

backyard beauty

vintage schwinn streamers

beauty in my kitchen

we have cherries growing 
my new commuter around town

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