{SH} Sunday #39

When everything seems to be going wrong all I can do is hold out hope that something(s) will work out, what else can one do? 
Other than listen to some Paul Simon and watch the clouds roll by.

Cool Colors

Carnival rides still frighten me.


Apples, apples everywhere!

Iced Beverage

Ice cream shakes make everything better.

Cooling Off

We’ve had one too many scorchers this summer.


 Had a blast picking these yummy fresh organic berries, so much fun we came home with more 
than our family could ever eat!

A Happier Sunday to you all!


{SH} Sundays #38

Another week of summer gone already? Usually it wouldn’t bother me, actually I use to look forward to fall and cooler weather.
 But now that we’ve moved north it just means a week closer to SNOW! 
Have to stop thinking that way and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. I just love the kiddos being home.
The transition for homeschooling to public school has been hardest on me.
I want to take in every second of them, even the messy piles of toys scattered around the house and uncleared dinner plates.


Selfie, as I walked by an old gas station window.


Crazy! She beat out 34 other 8-10 year olds to win 2nd place in the pie eating contest.

Cooling down in the kiddie pool on the hottest day of the year!


a sea of unwanted newspaper boxes. 


We made a quick stop at the local mall after I heard they had an Anthropologie store. I’m in love! 
Got a bit lost in the parking lot trying to find a door in, true newbies. 
We didn’t have a mall where we had lived in Alabama so this was exciting for them. 
And obviously by the look of the stairs we went the wrong way.
Don’t think anybody had used those steps in the last 20 years.

Happy Sunday!

DIY: Sprinkle Balloon Cake Topper

We stopped using traditional birthday candles several years ago when she was turning 3, who knew 
three little candles could ignite hair so quickly. Ever since then we opt for a flame free option, usually pinwheels but this year
I wanted to do something different, something exciting!
Birthday girl and party goers had no idea the balloons were filled with sprinkles.
So when it came time to make a wish and pop them everybody was surprised! 
I suggest doing this outside it can leave a bit of a mess on the table, but it’s well worth a little cleanup.

Using heavy duty scissors cut the wooden skewer to size, using the end with the point to insert into the cake.
The balloons can be blown up using helium or plain air. The size of the balloons determines how many sprinkles it can hold. 
The larger the balloon the more sprinkles.
Not only were the sprinkle balloons a surprise so was the inside of the cake, I managed to kept it’s colorful layers a secret despite my excitement!
Any kind of sprinkles will work for this, we used a sewing pin works to pop the balloons.

Happy Wednesday!

Camp Seven Candles

On Sunday we spent the day celebrating Little Eco’s seventh birthday, my baby is getting so grown up, where does the time go?! 
She picked a backyard camping theme, then asked if she could wear high heels, I said why
 not it’s your party. Plus I always want to remember those small things that make life special.
I found this great tutorial on making an A frame tent here and we headed to the local thrift shop to pick up some
vintage floral sheets for the covers, she’s definitely likes things very pink, very flowery and very girly.
Including a very colorful rainbow birthday cake!!!

Really glad I remember that we had brought last years left over sparklers up from Alabama,
guess you can’t get them around here anymore so the kids were super excited!

So much fun! Everybody stayed well into dark, maybe next year we’ll make it an overnight camping party.

Happy Wednesday!

{SH} Sundays #37

What a wonderful Sunday! My youngest turns seven today on 7-7!
So excited to celebrate her birthday especially in a cooler
 climate so we could have a camping party out in backyard, 
I love how she asked if high heels were okay and that
 she wanted her brother to wear a tuxedo…camping! 

 Sometimes missing a shot turns out to be even better!

I love the complimentary colors of the daisies against the blue sky.

Another fun picnic game Stream managed to stack them 6 high before the tower collapsed.

How cute are these chicks in the parade!

Catching Fireflies is our latest favorite family fun activity, what’s yours?
Happy Sunday!

Strawberry Fields For Summer

We love getting outside and soak up the sunlight especially after our first gloomy winter up north. 
This was a really sweet way to kick off summer vacation, maybe too sweet .
We came home with more berries than we ever could eat but lucky for us there was room in the freezer for the delicious strawberries.
Summer smoothies will be a delight on those super hot days, well if we ever get some, feels more like April than July lately. 
This will truly be a special summer for us, the last one before having a teenager, yikes! 
Where does the time go?!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Now that summer is here and for many of us that means are kids will be spending a lot of time
 at the pool, do you know what drowning looks like? It’s never like what they portray in movies
 or tv shows, we learned that the other day when my son had a near drowning experience
 even with 2 lifeguards on duty I still had to save him……read more here.