We love Handprint T-shirt art

Paper towels for me as a crafter and mom, like many of you, have become an my must have. I need them within reach at all times, I don’t think there’s anything I do that doesn’t benefit from having paper towels on hand, from art projects, to making dinner, photography shoots to bunnies, it has me covered and being eco minded I don’t like to waste, so Scott Choose-A-Sheet are the ones we use from messes big and small.
Does it looks like petals of a rose opening up for the first time, see my paper towel obsession is real!
The holidays can start to get expensive so I try and save where ever and when ever I can. 
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Our house is about as busy as Santa’s workshop right noes, we have a ton of art projects to get done. There was enough paint covered fingers to induce anxiety in any mom, it was enough to make my hair turn gray, or red, yellow and green, yikes! 
Handprint t-shirt art was lots of fun, super messy but they turn out great.


cotton t-shirts
foam brushes
multi-surface paints in many colors
painter’s tape
Tape off an area on the t-shirt you’d for the handprints design. Next spell out the word LOVE in tape inside the taped off box. Place a piece of cardboard and paper towel inside the t-shirt under your design. Next using sponge brushes, cover the hands with a generous amount of paint, then pressing the hand firmly within the taped off box, repeat. Make sure to cover the taped word LOVE completely with painted hand prints. When the paint is dry, peel off the tape, you design will now be visible.
Scott’s had us covered from our hands, to the table, the walls and sink and the kids wondered why I was wearing the most colorful, ugly sweater on I could find….paint attack!
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My Holiday Dream Kitchen and Eggnog Pound Cake recipe

Over the holiday season most of us will be spending a lot more time in our kitchens, I like to add little hints of the holidays to help me get in the baking spirit. A tradition I started when the kids were little was the 12 days of baking, each year I include some favorites and some new recipes I’ve been wanting to try. We always make extras to share with our friends and neighbors. This is the first Christmas in our new home and kitchen is still being renovated, so baking is a bit challenging especially not having all the appliances or even a kitchen sink installed, but I’ve made my list for Santa and included the new Samsung 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator with the Black Stainless Steel finish, would look just perfect with my dream marble countertops and newly painted green kitchen cabinets.

12 Days of Baking, Day 1: 

Eggnog Pound Cake 

3 cups flour
1 cup butter
2 cups sugar
5 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 baking soda
1 tsp salt
1/2 greek yogurt
1/2 eggnog cream
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and sugar Bundt pan, tube pan or two loaf pans.
In a mixer bowl beat butter at medium speed then add in half the flour (1 1/2 cups), baking powder, baking soda until well blend. Then add in sugar, vanilla, sour cream and eggnog. Gradually add on egg in at a time alternating it will the remaining flour and remaining ingredients, just until mixed. Pour into pan and bake for 60-90 minutes. 
Insert toothpick to check, cake will be ready when toothpick should come out clean. 
After you finish dreaming about a new kitchen for the holidays and if you’re like me, eating a plate of cookies while thumbing through magazines for ideas, enter to win a hhgregg e-giftcard!
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Sleek and sophisticated, this new darker finish from Samsung resists the appearance of fingerprints for a stylish look that complements any style of kitchen.  Even better – this black stainless finish is magnetic, so you can still display pictures & reminders in the heart of your kitchen.
This Samsung Dishwasher provides revolutionary washing performance with WaterWall™ technology, which provides a powerful wall of clean for hard-to-reach places to ensure a more even, thorough washing performance than conventional rotary-spraying systems.
Owning the Flex Duo™ Range is like having two ovens in one.  The Smart Divider™ allows you to split the spacious 5.8 cubic foot oven and cook at two different temperatures simultaneously. Plus, the unique middle-hinged door can open just the top section or the full door, for total flexibility and energy efficiency.
Now available in Black Stainless, the innovative 4-Door FlexTM Refrigerator boasts an innovative bottom right door that can change from freezer to fridge at the touch of a button, so now you can store more Fresh Food than ever before.
Happy Holiday Baking!!!

Many thanks to hhgregg for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to update my kitchen look! 

Homemade Pasta Recipes and Bertolli

Growing up in an italian family, I would watch my Grandmother make homemade fresh pasta for her family and I continue the tradition and hope to pass it down for future generations. My kids 2 favorite and most requested pasta recipes are my green matcha pasta and our marinated dried red tomato pasta and for the holidays they make a very festive looking meal with the beautiful green pasta and vibrant red Bertolli  Riserva sauce.

Using a food processor will speed up the pasta making process a lot and is so easy, you’ll never want to  go back to the dried box pasta again.

Organic green Matcha Pasta Recipe:  
        3 teaspoons Organic Matcha tea Powder 

2 cups of organic flour
  3 xl eggs

Red Tomato Basil Pasta Recipe:
2 Tablespoons of dried tomato marinated in olive oil (finely chopped)  
a hint of basil

2 cups of organic flour
  3 xl eggs

Place ingredients into a food processor until well blended.
Knead pasta dough and shape into a workable size.  

Run through a pasta maker for desired thickness and shape. 

Boil in salted water for 5 minutes or until full cooked.

Top with one of Bertolli Riserva Sauces for a wonder festive looking holiday meal!

Top the pasta with your favorite Bertolli Riserva Sauce.
From its beginnings in olive oil, Bertolli has grown to also include a range of Italian-inspired pasta sauce and skillet meals. 
Bertolli Riserva: 
• Bertolli® Riserva Marinara with Parmigiano-Reggiano
• Bertolli® Riserva Porcini Mushrooms & White Truffle Oil
• Bertolli® Riserva Asiago Cheese & Artichokes
• Bertolli® Riserva Balsamic Vinegar & Caramelized Onions 

We love Bertolli’s 5 F’s: Food, Fresh, Friends, Family and Fun. 

Over the past months, Bertolli® has compiled authentic Italian tips at VivaBertolli.com which are cornerstones of many Italian traditions that we enjoy today. Explore the 150 tips to bring Tuscany to your table across the categories of Italian Essentials, prep skills, and meal inspiration. 

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Thank you to Bertolli for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to celebrate. Viva Bertolli!

DIY: Fun Festive Holiday Dinner Plates

It’s holiday crunch time, prep, prepare and decorate the house.
We have very plain plates, white, black, yellow and clear glass, none of which are remotely festive. Our holiday table needed to be more merry and bright, it was looking a bit dull and boring. I one of those who have no china passed down from Grandma, no holiday traditions used for generations and no holiday art made by the kids at made at school, so we decided to brighten up our table using scissor, some glue, our clear glass dinner plates and holiday gift wrap paper from Hallmark Gold Crown.

Each of the kids pick out their Hallmark wrapping paper and chose an animal to adorn their holiday plate.
After a few hours of cutting, a lot of glue, one or two wrapping paper sword fights and barton twirling competition, all in good fun and we now have some awesome plates to use for our next holiday meal!
 I think my momma bird plate turned out pretty good. All the colors match our decor perfectly and layer nicely with our exciting dinner plates, the kids are so excite to use theirs!

Watch our video link for the full DIY Holiday Dinner Plate instruction. It’s pretty easy, just a some cutting and pasting, even the kiddos can join in on the fun! Hallmark has so many wonderful gifts for the holidays, we couldn’t help but picked up a couple gift items for friends.

Step by step DIY video accompanied with some great Reggae music and cute kids.

Many thanks to Hallmark Gold Crown for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to try my more creative side using gift wrap.

Spreading Cheer with Cookies and Giveaway!

The holiday season is for giving back, spreading happiness and some cheer! 7 years ago I baked a batch of cookies for our local Firefighters who work the Thanksgiving holiday and dedicate their lives protecting us, our friends and our homes throughout the year. We continued the tradition this year but with a big change, the girls baked the cookies without my help! It was kind of a mini bake-off between the three of them, I supervised of course and answered questions, but I never had to cracked a single egg (Think it was a mini Christmas miracle). Betty Crocker’s easy to bake mixes are simple enough for the kiddos to handle but yummy enough for anyone to enjoy!

The hardest part was deciding which cookie mixes to choose. The girls and I headed to our local Walmart to pick out their 3 favorites, sugar cookie, chocolate chip and peanut butter, there were so many to choose from, deciding on just 3 was the hardest part of this. 

The biggest complaint about baking is usually prep and clean-up and usually when we get done our kitchen looks like a tornado came through, but not this time. Betty’s cookie mix packets had easy to read instructions and reduce the kitchen mess to under 10 minutes.

From simple sugar cookies to a gingerbread masterpiece, Betty Crocker makes it easy to celebrate your favorite people. Give back to those that mean the world to you this holiday season by surprising them with fresh-baked goodness made straight from the heart. They have a wonderful variety of cookies, Betty’s Maple Bacon is next up on our grocery list.

After all that, it was time to package the fresh baked cookies for the Firefighter, I labeled them by cookie and who it was made by, Betty Crocker has wonderful label to print out to use for when you make your Spreading Cheer baskets and don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

We’d like y’all to join in on spreading cheer and show us who will you be baking up the next batch for?!
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This post is sponsored by Betty Crocker, all thoughts, opinions and holiday cheer is my own. 

Injury Prevention, Today’s Smarter Athletes

Sports injury prevention and the rise of soccer in the United States ever been hotter topics at least not in our house. We wear protection whether it’s soccer, bike riding, rollerblading or even ice skating, injures are nothing to take lightly. 
Storelli Next-Gen Soccer Protection is a revolutionary concept that will help them keep their head in the game, in the zone, and play their best, FEARLESS. Help Storelli bring up a generation of smarter athletes – the “next-gen” athlete.

Parents and athletes need to band together to protect the ‘next generation’ of soccer players.
The notion that ‘soccer is not a contact sport’ is fading fast. Injuries are a big part of the game and the physical effects can be painful, not to mention expensive. Every moment spent on the sidelines is an opportunity lost, and the psychological effects of being benched can become a serious barrier to enjoying the game. Not only on the field but off we learned the hard way when my son broke his femur over the summer during a game of tag, he’s having a tough go trying to get back on his feet, even after 4 months, learning to walk all over again at age 11 isn’t easy and he won’t be playing sports for a while. The psychological pain is still there, injures are serious, prevention is everything.

 Storelli Next-Gen Soccer Protection, a new equipment concept built to withstand the physicality of the game and keep players “in the zone.” Head of Design,  specifically the BodyShield line which acts as more of a second-skin, mostly hidden away, with a ‘stealth’ fit (and look) that does not interfere with your performance on the field.

Storelli products, like the ExoShield Head Guard, are NOT a silver-bullet against concussions, the ExoShield Head Guard significantly reduces the force of impact to covered areas, there is no conclusive data showing that our head guard prevents concussions, whether it reduces impact, we can definitely say it made her look a lot tougher out there on the field.

A brand built for a smart generation of athletes who play to fear nothing and give everything, and want to help make a difference. 

Do your dream.

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 Many thanks to Storelli for sponsoring today’s story.

Holiday Olive Sloppy Joe Sliders Recipe

During the holidays, families and friends gather around the table bringing their favorite foods to share and the stories behind what maybe was Grandma’s winning dish at the county fair. I adored my Grandmother, watching her in the kitchen, learning to make her favorite go to recipes and with 16 children she needed to create easy, yet tasty meal to satisfy them. Now I’ve passed along those recipes to my kids. Sloppy Joe was one of my favorites of hers, being a vegetarian I’m missed eating the original recipe, so with help from my youngest chef, we’ve created a new version adding our families favorite ingredient to it, Mezzetta Kalamata olives! Adding the red and green olives gives my grandmother’s sloppy joe that colorful holiday twist.

Do you have a favourite holiday recipe? Is there a dish that makes you nostalgic?

Holiday Olive Sloppy Joe Sliders
in under 30 minutes

Frozen veggie crumb 12 ounce package
(ground beef or turkey can be used for a non-vegetarian version)
1/2 cup hot water
2 TBSP dry fajita mix seasoning
1/2 cup tomato puree or crushed tomatoes
1/4 barbecue sauce
1 tsp basil
Mezzetta Kalamata Olives (chopped)
6 Whole Mezzetta Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives

in a skillet pan add the frozen veggie crumbles and hot water until thawed, then add in the tomato puree, fajita seasoning, barbecue sauce, mixing together well, let reduce for 5-7 minutes then add in olives.

Spoon sloppy joe mixture onto an italian type roll and top with one Mezzetta Bleu Cheese stuffed Olive and place the top of the roll too the slider and serve.

Makes 6 sliders
prep time: 10 minutes
cook time: 10 minute
total time: 20 minutes

 Family owned since 1935, the fourth generation of Mezzetta family is continuing the commitment to bring our customers the highest quality foods available. We source the finest fresh produce from the sun-drenched soils of California, Italy, Spain, France, and Greece and prepare them according to our Italian family recipes at our state-of-the-art production facility in the Napa Valley. 
thanksgiving 2014

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