Updated Shabby Chic Kids Bedroom

I love everything vintage, I can’t reinvent the wheel but I can give new spin on the traditional shabby chic.
My new favorites are incorporating nature into the room, definitely something shiny and a nice low pile or Kilim area rug and
 a can of spray paint is alway cheaper them buying a new mirror or updating a chandelier.
Chairish not only has the most adorable name, but it’s a great site to shop your own style.
Their Shabby Chic furniture will get you headed in the right direction, to creating a fabulous room!

 I was in the mood to update my son’s room since he’s now growing out of that the little boy phase and
 I’m looking for pieces I can incorporate into my home decor long after he goes off to college.
Our home is all about comfort and family friendly surfaces. Our floors are painted and covered with patterned rugs,
they’re are a great way to hide stains and quickly vacuum up a mess. We have many old worn in chairs,
 they make a room a feel well loved, especially on a cool night curled up with a good book and a throw.
Adding in a couple new modern pieces
brings the room back into 2015, I don’t want to feel like I’ve walked into my grandmother’s house but I wouldn’t mind
one day having the gorgeous mirror that’s hung above her sofa for the past 30 years hang above mine.
I was once told by a very wise person, not to worry about whether something will match or go with your other things,
 if you like it everything will fit together. I’m definitely draw towards thing that blend almost effortlessly,
 whether I bought it 15 years ago or yesterday they just go.
Our home is an eclectic mix of things I love and collected over the years, there’s stories to be told with them,
 a it makes a wonderful place to rest my feet.


Rolling our way Back to School

This year is going to be more of a challenge than ever! If it wasn’t a feat juggling 4 kids in 4 different schools now we added a broken femur into the mix and under strict doctors orders of no crutches, so he can only use a wheel chair to keep the pressure off his leg, it’s one heavy cast! 

Now that was tough, we spent the better of 20 minutes just to get him in the minivan and another 10 minutes to get into the store! But the fun a school supply shopping was distraction enough from his perdicament , at least for an hour.

We ended up at Walmart in hopes of finding everything for our Back to School needs. There’s no going from store to store like in previous years, he’s gets exhausted easily, so we’ve taken on the challenge and are going Back to School Like A Boss….Walmart look out, here we come!

After making it safely to our point of destination the girls had a great time maneuvering the wheel chair through the store and I don’t think he mind a bit being chauffeured around. Pens, pencils, markers, folders, Viva paper towels and Kleenex tissues topped our list. 

The bigger challenge will of course be once school starts and getting to and from classes, being the new kid means he won’t have any “old friends” to help out the first couple days, but I’m sure he will make some new ones pretty quick here in Alabama. Plus he’s looking forward to filling up his cast with signatures from all his classmates and teachers

. Better pick up some Kleenex, there’s bound to be a few tears while he makes the big adjustment and the kids love collecting and bringing in the Box Tops.

 Today’s post is sponsored by Kimberly Clark, but my love for their BTS option is all my own!

Still hanging in here!

Heading into week 4 without of belongings, I knew moving long distance was rough, we did it once before.
 I really had hoped using a moving company would make it easier.
 But instead it’s been almost a month and our stuff has yet to arrive. That’s 5 1/2 weeks or life has been in boxes.
On the flip side I’ve had plenty of time to work on the house, especially since we bought a fixer upper. Feels a bit like camping but with air conditioning and bathrooms.
Definitely a chance for us to figure out what things we really need in life. 
Our top must haves are:
Washing machine (clean clothes, please)
Pokemon cards (that’s if you’re a 10 year old boy)
Beds (across the board, we all miss them!)
and the refrigerator 
(though the kids are enjoy not having a freezer, just means we have to eat all the ice cream at once)
….10 more days to go!!! (I hope)