Great Scott!

We stop in to Sam’s Club about on the way back from the dentist, its ‘s our usual club and boy did we fun! They had just put out the holiday items and the food select was twice what we’re use to, we walked around smiling and laugh, like two kids in a candy store. But even better it’s Sam’s club and you can buy candy by the case and a towering amount of Scott bath tissue
…Fast forward 2 hours and we made our way back to the car carry the biggest package of toilet paper we’d ever seen.

Our new house has three bathrooms, what was I thinking? But with 4 kids we need them. I’m making a paper run nearly twice a week and I’m always trying to find the best deal, but no matter what it goes fast! 
Running out of bath tissue is never an option.
So when we came across the enormous packages at Sam’s Club I grabbed one! Carrying around the 36 rolls was a workout, guess I don’t need to hit the gym today. So 36 divided by three… here’s hoping to it lasting us through the month.
Want better news! Scott® 1000 bath tissue has their long lasting rolls now LASTS EVEN LONGER. Get an additional 100 sheets on every roll at SAM’S CLUB. That’s more of the quality performance and VALUE. Scott® 1000 bonus pack is available online and in select clubs.
If you don’t have a Sam’s Club® membership, you can go to your local Sam’s and talk to an associate about the many benefits of having one! It more than pays for itself with exclusive savings on the things you need, the things you love and all sorts of unexpected things!

…fast forward another 2 hours

When I had asked the kids to divide the Scott bath tissue up and place it into each bathroom equally, only to hear giggling cascading down the stairs. So I made my way only to find the girls in the bathroom stacking the bath tissue rolls end to end! There’s really tall ceilings so they had high hopes of achieve all 36.

The tower got higher and higher, even their brother wanted in one the fun and came to assist them.

When the fun was all over,  their final count was 21, not nearly as much as they’d hoped, but way more fun than mom’s way of doing things.
Making chores fun is always a plus in our house!

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Today’s post is sponsored by Scott® Brand, but my love for their [Scott® 1000 Bath Tissue] is all my own!


Vintage Creepy Candy Crew

Every so often I come across an estate sale and wonder in, sometimes I find things I must have and vintage Halloween masks are one of those things!!

How awesome and creepy are these masks! From vintage glamour to bizarre clown and a rather scary bat, this is my Halloween candy crew.

Our Halloween Costume Search

 How did this happen? Only 3 weeks until Halloween! I’ve had no time to make any costumes.
It’s been nothing but remodeling the house, homework and teaching Zen to walk again now that his femur is healed. He’s determined to walk without crutches by Halloween and he’ll need his hands free to beg for all that candy. Lucky for us we live close enough to a Party City or we’d be recycling some old costumes again, how many years in a row can one of the kids go as a cherry pie and it not be noticeable?

The kids wanted nothing to do with pie again anyways and after we had the opportunity to watch the filming of the new TMNT movie that’s at the top of their costume list. So off to Party City we went with my camera in hand to capture all the fun!!!

So many choices so little time…

We had hours and hours of fun shopping for just the right costumes. Though they were out of some items we needed for the Nickelodeon TMNT costume I was able to order the accessories we needed right in the store and will have everything in time for the all the kids Halloween parties. 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes are flying of the shelves this year! 
They were popular back when I was in grade school, glad to see their still out there fighting criminals, evil overlords and alien invaders criminals while still consuming mass quantities of pizza.

 Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween!!
…and enjoy our Spooktacular video!
Be sure to get your  FREE digital poster when you make ANY Nickelodeon in-store purchase at Party City!
Personalized and autographed featuring your child’s favorite Nick character.
Offer only valid in-store at Party City through 10/31/15.
*Limit 1 redemption code per customer. See associate for details.