DIY: Easy tension rod paper towel holder

Winter’s setting in here, well we might not get snow but the cold is enough to want to stay home by the fireplace. Stocking up supplies keeps me from having to bundle up and head out in this in the cold weather, except for the occasional Mardi Gras parade, we’re always hungry for moon pies. 
Dollar General,  is right around the corner and with their new Digital Coupons I can stock up on month’s worth of SCOTT® paper product.
I was surprised at how long SCOTT® bath tissue lasts in our household, haven’t had to restock since before the holidays. 
But with all the art projects and bunnies we I made sure to grabbed another Scotts Bonus Pack of paper towel, which proved handy over the weekend  when the kids flooded their bathroom. Don’t ask, but all I can say is we need a professional plumber.
I found a simple solution to a on the spot no tools needed paper towel holder… a tension rod! Just find a place you’d want paper towels, a drawer, under the cabinet, book shelf, where ever, then measure the span of where you decided, buy the appropriate length tension rod and install. I choose to place ours in the kids bathroom, easy to access for bathroom clean up and the rod is enough to hold two rolls or a roll and a bath towel. This can be done with bath tissue too!

If you haven’t used Dollar General DG Digital Coupons, it’s really simple to start. First go and sign up for Dollar General’s Digital Coupon on their site, it’s easy and can be done in a few quick steps below:

To redeem Digital Coupons:
1. Sign up at  Create account and load which coupons you would like to use
3. Visit your local Dollar General to redeem coupons at checkout. Find a Dollar General near you by using the store locator 

Here’s some of the great Scott products you can find at Dollar General:
Bonus Packs: Find 3 special SCOTT® Bonus Packs in-store through the end of February 2016.
• SCOTT® 1000 Bath Tissue, 16 pack (2 Free Rolls)
• SCOTT® Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels, Mega Roll 6 Pack (Bonus 15% Sheets)
• SCOTT® Extra Soft Bath Tissue, Double Roll 16 pack (2 Free Rolls)

 SCOTT® bonus packs in-store for a limited time, use the store locator to find their nearest location for the SCOTT bonus pack deal TODAY!

Thank you to SCOTT® and Dollar General for sponsoring today’s post and helping me find savings on all of my paper product needs!

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