{WW} : Candy Land Adventure

This is the first time all four of my kiddos were in a play together! I’m so proud of them and the whole cast. 
Everyone did an awesome job, we just love our 4-H friends. Their all so sweet and Candy Land is a perfect play
for us to be in! So colorful and fun it’s been a wonderful experience!
Keep a look out for:
 Gingerbread #4(Luna)
Gumdrops Pink & Red (Eco & Stream)
Sour Patch Kids Green (Zen)

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Wrapping up the Week

Busy, busy week here making presents, enjoying time with old and new friends, Pearl Harbor Day, having visitors,
and learning to skate in heely’s.
Our first stop of the week was mailing out the peas letter’s to Santa at Page and Palette
while we were there Luna, Stream, Eco and Zen got paged over the loud speaker, there was a package waiting from the North Pole! Our newest family member had been sent to watch over us during the holiday season reporting back every night to Santa who was naughty or nice and every morning we find him in a new place having fun.

The first night “Hoppy” strung Christmas light on our tree!

Later that night the Peas left out their shoes for St. Nick to put some goodies in and I could help but giggle when I saw a flipper out, Stream wanted Mr. Fin her fish to get a present too!


Mid week we enjoyed time with friends, eleven kids made 5 dozen teeny elf sized donuts to be left out for Freddie, Hoppy and Deacan their Elf on the Shelf elves. How cute is that! The days festivities ended with a bang literally poor little Eco took a tumble and spent the evening cuddled on the couch with her favorite comfort food pretzels and cheese and of course booboo piggy strapped to her head.

50+ holiday cards mailed, 8 gifts made and one more bump on the head next day at 4-H and we called it a week.


Congrats to Stream for winning Best of Show, again!!!  Yep, this time it was at the Greater Gulf State Fair and she says winning was much better the first time around but is still happy over her cash prize and a quarter of the way to saving for up for an ipad2.
I’m happy she isn’t going to ask Santa for one!
I also want to congratulate Laura the winner of our Swirled Peas Tote Bag and thanks to all who entered both here and on Facebook.
**Laura please send me your contact info to katerealiphotography at gmail dot com so I can get it to you via the us postal service right away.**

Happy Weekend!

We’re going to be a bit tied up this weekend with all our birthday festivities.
I can’t believe how fast the years go, it feels like only yesterday I was a new mom holding the most beautiful baby in the whole world and on Sunday my beautiful baby turns 11.

Happy Birthday Luna!

Me and Luna 2000

Blue Ribbon Day!

Pea #1 & #2 had an awesome showing at the county fair, three blue ribbons total and Stream even got Best of Show for her photograph of a rusty wheel. I’m so proud! Some say it’s in the genes and well yes both their parents are Professional Photographers but I think it’s more about them coming to work with me almost every week since they were 3 months old and the 9 months in my tummy. The Peas are like my 4 tiny photo assistants and I actually think they might have pick up a skill or two over the years.

 You can buy this camel for $15,000, who knew they cost so much and don’t worry he’s not dead or sick just munching on some grass.
My favorite photo of the day (taken by me) was little Eco taking a bite of their first candy apple.

“You lookin’ at me? You lookin’ at me? You lookin’ at me?

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The Hula Dance

Stream got a hula hoop for her 9th birthday and was whirling away on the coffee table, it’s the whamo kind from the 70’s & 80’s. I remember spending all summer working on my neck and arm hooping trying to master my skills at age 4. The kiddos like to watch me and I don’t mind looking silly one bit.
Little Eco made up a birthday song, it was just awesome!!
I think she might have some talent and it sure doesn’t come from me.

We’re headed to the county fair today to check on Luna and Stream’s 4-H entries, it’s the first time submitting anything so I really hope there’s a ribbon or two for each to go with all their hard work.


White Melon Musings~Decor in shades of white

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Not Me Monday: last minute moments

Nope, I definitely am not teaching my kids to do things at the last minute like me. No we didn’t start making a birthday present 45 minutes before the party and we didn’t but it in the wrapping paper with the paint still wet and no we’re not going to be running around town working on the girls 4-H project later this morning on the last day to enter and I didn’t loose half of it, really I didn’t, please don’t tell the kids (I really should be off the computer, not blogging). We didn’t eat cookies for breakfast and our house is not a pig sty less than 24 hours until we celebrate Peace’s 9th birthday. Gees, I’m exhausted just writing about everything so It won’t be me taking a nap this afternoon when there projects to finish, really I won’t.

                                    this is really not our dining room table this morning.