Learning a New Skill for the New Year with Fender Play

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 I’ve been playing the Ukelele for several years now and have always wanted to learn to play my Great-Grandfather’s guitar. Learning has definitely been a challenge. But after trying Fender Play, I can play the guitar after just a week!

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Whether you’re just starting like me or a pro, playing an instrument can certainly improve a person’s overall well-being, including emotional benefits,  such as increased creativity and self-expression, increased patience, confidence in self and skills,  work ethic and persistence with proven physical benefits,  including enhanced hand-eye coordination,  a boost to the immune system and enhanced brain development.

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Fender Play lets me go at my own pace with progress tracking and guided paths to help you learn when and how you want, you can choose the style of music you want and learn well-known songs you love and spend as much on a year of Fender Play as you would for one in-person lesson.

Bite-sized lessons with a micro-learning approach to keep you learning fast, for just about anyone willing to learn, maybe even our little Alex.


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  • Fender Play is the complete learning app for guitar, bass, or ukulele from the most trusted name in guitar
  • Free 14-day trial!
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Annual Plan gets you 10% off Fender gear while your plan is active (US & UK)
  • Everything you need to learn guitar, bass, and ukulele
  • Play your first song in 22 minutes

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It’s Never Too Late to Learn with Fender Play!


Watch our Fender Play video HERE