{SH} Sundays #34

When it rains it keeps raining here looking forward 
to the end of school and hopefully a summer full of sunshine and bike rides.


Loving the endless supply of daisy wildflowers, spring time in NY.


2 beautiful ballerinas from my lastest Mommy and Me photo session.


Eco giggling as she tries out our homemade tree swing for the first time…
the kiddos were surprised my knots held up them. 


My little kitchen helper making her first batch of cheese crackers with Mommy.


Puddle riding has become a must so we try and get out for a ride between the breaks in the rain and have fun.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Behind My Lens #8: Photoshop Editing with Actions

I’ve been asked many times about what processing I use for my photographs, as a photojournalist I would normally just adjust the contrast and color saturation and crop in Photoshop but for blogging I wanted a quick and simple method to get a uniform look to my posts. I prefer Photoshop actions to help speed up the editing time, I search for a while to find just the right ones. I have a collection of Totally Rad Actions and Florabella Colorplay Actions, I also downloaded some free actions from the Pioneer Woman. On occasion I use a combination of actions from all three collections.
My photo recipe lately is quite simple: first I sharpen my photo up a bit then I use Florabella’s subtle color action at 100% from their Colorplay Collection. If I want a washed blacks (like the photo below) or a more vintage feel I then add matte film at 100%. Usually the color is quite nice but when I’m looking for a warmer feel I add buttercream at 26% or marigold at 23%.  I  also find myself using antique pink and ocean air actions at 18% combined with the subtle color action at 100% on occasions when I prefer a soft look with a pinky undertone.

Photo edited using Florabella Colorplay collection: subtle color 100% + matte film 100%
Total editing time I spent on this photo was about one minute, can’t beat that quick and easy!
Happy Monday!

{WW}: Pretty Ballerina

I enjoyed finally getting to watch my youngest ballerina, no more sneaking a peak through
 the window to catch a glimpse of her cuteness. I finally got to meet her new little tutu friends
 and the girl who shares the same birthday as her. I remember that only three babies were born in 
the hospital that day and now two of them are taking ballet together! 
Such precious memories I’m happy to be able to share them with everyone! 
I even managed to make a rare appearance in this blog post.

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{SH} Sundays #21

Happy Scavenger Hunt Sunday Everyone!

The founders of our little town envisioned a utopian society and on nights like tonight watching 
Polar Express in the street they would have been proud, even if it was freezing cold! Brrrrr!


I will look to the trees as a sign of strength to get me through these hard times and emerge more beautiful then ever.


A bunch of cute as a button ballerinas. 


Stretching this one, there a little road map on the front of this vintage trike.

Favorite Fruit.

Satsumas are my kids new favorite snack, they are in such abundance this year the trees are nearly falling over.
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Monday’s Behind My Lens #6

The days have gotten ahead of me so I’ll be back next week with more fun photography tips.
But I’ll leave you with this photo of Luna, I had almost forgotten she even took
ballet and how much I loved to braid her hair, just look at how sweet she is in that tutu.
Photography is so important to our memories, I could stare at this pic for hours
just trying to remember every detail of when she was 8.
Happy Monday!