Go ahead! Treat yourself to a Veggie Smoothie

Sometimes I think the only ones eating their veggies in our house seem to be the bunnies, I buy bags of carrots, kale and apples, yet my kids are the ones eating it.

That is unless I call it a “treat” and we head over to the local Smoothie King! Why is it they’ll eat carrots, apples and kale, even avocado in a smoothie and not at home on the dinner plate?
My daughter put on an amazing powerpoint presentation with a friend over the weekend for a room of 50+ people, and instead of flowers she insisted we go to Smoothie King as a reward for her 3 months of hard work. 

To make it even more special we went out in the yard and hand picked some blackberries, then I poured all our smoothies into mason jars, covered it with a cupcake liner and inserted a pretty paper straw and drank them on the porch. This is also a great idea for a summer party or picnic.
Every time we go she orders a new flavor and every time it then becomes her new favorite, which is now Berry Carrot Dream, though it’s hard for her to admit she likes carrots. But for me that’s not a problem and new limited time only Avocado Pineapple Smoothie is my new favorite, but isn’t anything with pineapple awesome! I had a friend successfully grow pineapple in her backyard and she doesn’t even live in Hawaii, so I’m thinking I need to test my green thumb and try it.

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DIY: ugly light quick fix

I love retro but this is one ugly light fixture. I wish it was as easy as just changing it but we have low voltage wiring running throughout the house which left us in the dark for 4 days after changing the chandelier in the dining room and another 2 weeks trying to resolved the problem, so I’m stuck with this ugly light fixture in all it’s green metal 60’s glory.

 I started with quilting strips cut to about a 1/2 inch wide (but left over fabric scraps would work just as well)
I then wrapped the fabric around the part of the light I wanted covered and hot glued the ends closed. 
This way I can easily remove the fabric if I wanted to change the color or revamp the light fixture in the future.
This project took about an hour to complete and cost nothing since I already had everything I needed.

Problem solved…well at least dressed up.

{SH} Sundays #24

Crazy week, such sadness in CT and were in super moving mode
 right now here in AL, 7 day countdown has begun!


Our town sparkles this time of year, I love being surrounded by twinkling lights and playing with heart bokeh.


Gingerbread house door made with our left over Halloween candy.


Making out first gingerbread house, sans gingerbread and a whole lot of rice krispies and pretzels.


Little Eco’s favorite winter wear.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Of course they are! and taking pictures on railroad tracks is one of my favorite things!

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{WW} : Crafting Away

We are moving in two weeks, hardly anything is packed and our craft room looks like it exploded, well 
it kind of did. Tons of creativity in our house this time of year.
Our 2013 New Years Day card photo:
I almost had to hire a professional chalk artist, after hosing the driveway down three times. 
We decided to do a New Years card to announce our big move to family and friends.
After that I took out the needle nose pliers, wire and fabric scraps to make a friend this:
So while I was busy with my project the kids went in the craft room to decorate the
paper gift bag and make some cards, they emerged 3 hours later and look at  these wonders!

Happy Wednesday:

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{SH} : Sundays #22

19 days and counting down until our big move , so many presents to make,  
photo sessions to edit, friends to say goodbye to and packing, can’t forget Santa is coming! 
So much excitement ahead!

Nothing wrong with missing a step now and again.


Love my gingerbread#4, all the kiddos did such a wonderful in the Candy Land play, I’m one proud Mom.


It’s that time of year when were busy making holiday gift, have a long list of homemade goodies to give!


Don’t know if this should be under bracelet or missing, it’s definitely missing.


Little Eco can make a song out of anything, even brussel sprouts!

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DIY: Recycled Felt Necklace

I love, love , love recycled crafts, so a couple months ago I started saving our plastic drink tops hoping
 wanting to make them into a floor mat someday, but after saving only 10 caps in 2 months
I’m no where near the 300-400 I’d need to make the mat.

Then I came across blogger Alisa Burke’s recycle medallion necklace made using baby jar tops (stop over and check out her fabulous blog)
 and I quickly headed to my craft room and got to work creating my own version using plastic juice bottle tops.
The caps come in so many different colors and are really light weight, wore mine around town
 yesterday and received lots of compliments.

First I cut a piece of felt the diameter of the bottle cap, then I came up with a feather inspired design.
Went to the sewing machine and did a few decorative stitches (hand stitching would work too), trimming off the edges when I was done.
Next I took out the hot glue gun and adhered some batting to the inside of the cap then placed a bead of glue along the rim of the top and glue my felt design to it.
If you like the look of the plastic bottle cap as your side you can stop here, but I liked how they looked with yarn and twine wrapped around on the side.
Finally drilled a hole on top and a hole on the upper back side and attached a metal ring to hold the necklace chain.
I went through my drawers and used some chain from broken jewelry.
Cost of this project was nothing, everything was reused and repurposed materials.

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Easy as Pie Halloween Costume

This Halloween Costume is great last minute idea, it took me under an hour to make and I was able to find 
everything I needed right in my house and it’s a great way to repurpose those old fleece blankets.
Go grab some cardboard, silver duck tape, fleece, pillow batting, a needle and thread and your glue gun.
First cut out two identical sized cardboard circles, I made ours 24 inches across*.
  note* the circle diameter will depend on the size of the child or person wearing it.  
Next I cut out a 28 inch circle in tan fleece for the pie crust, and a 26 inch circle in red fleece
 for the cherry filing.
then I used my pinking shears and cut 14 strips 26 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide.
12 of them are going to be used as the woven pire crust and 2 for the straps.
Now get that glue gun hot and ready!
take one of the cardboard circles and start glueing the red fleece half way around the edge.
The stuff with some pillow batting and finish glue all the way around the edge.
Next take the strips of tan fleece weaving them to look like pie crust and glueing them down along the edge of the circle, then trim of any extra.
Now take your tan fleece circle and run a chain stitch about a 1/2 inch from the edge all the
 way around, then fit over that same cardboard circle and pull the thread to gather tightly 
around you pie.
Take the glue gun running a bead of glue along the inside to secure it in place.
Now it’s time to take the duct tape and cover the other cardboard circle, on the front side and before you tape up the back side glue down your shoulder straps before covering them over with duct tape.
Finally glue the other side of the straps onto the backside of the tan pie crust.

The whipped cream cherry hat is optional, but a great topping to the costume.
I used a piece of white felt, scrap of red fleece, more batting, pipe cleaner and a hair clip.
Costume Cost: under $5
Happy Halloween!