Dachshund Sunset

Yes, this happened!
You have some free time on a Saturday, the kids want another pet, so you find yourself at the county animal shelter.
Those big brown eyes won’t stop staring up at you, the kids ask to pet her, and a few days later you are a Dachshund mom.
There’s no changing your mind, her Instagram account already has followers, even before the kids decide on a name.

Check out more pics of the very lovable Kimmy HERE.

Instagram @dachshundsunset

{SH} Sundays: #36

I’m so glad to be starting a new week and that my son survived his near drowning without any complications and our new pup is adjusting well so I think she’ll keep us, though she just might be the first dog ever to be frightened of a 7 pound cat.






Happy Sunday!

Meet Pepperoni

Doesn’t that sound like an odd post title for a family of vegetarian? or even worse if we named our dog after a a salty stick of processed meat. But sometimes names just pick themselves and she is after all a weenie dog or maybe a tweenie or chiweenie or just a runt, whatever she’s called after only two short months of being dog owners, we are in love. So the other day when out neighbor was walking her average sized dachshund we quickly ran to get Pepper and compare, it’s like a before and after weight loss photo for Jenny Craig, we laughed and made more jokes. 
We’ll stick with our pint sized pizza eating weenie dog, hence the name.
* Neighbors dog on the left 13 pounds @ 3 yrs, Our dog Pepperoni on the right 5 pounds 7 ounces @ almost 2 yrs.

Photo Challenge: Green

The challengeAll photo challenges should be based around your children (pets are always welcome). Share a photo of the little one with green somewhere in the photo.

I love, love, love this photo it’s like The Addams Family meets Ren and Stimpy. 
The weirdest part is Pepper was totally into wearing her goggles or doggles as the kiddos call them.
Check out Chelsey’s blog and her adorable photos of their dog, I wonder if the bow tie comes in pink?

Happy Leap Year!!!!

Doggle Family Portrait

Forgive if I don’t write much today I’ll be keeping a close eye on my kiddos who have some crazy idea that if you cry on Quaedrennial Day/Leap year you’ll be showered with candy so their plan is getting hurt today, ugh!

Yes those are really my kids dressed in bathing suits in February.

Lucky for me they decided to be showered with water instead.


Pampered Pets

Snowball with her favorite mouse

Snowball certainly has it made being top kitty on the street with all the attention a cat could ever want and I think food too. So when we invited Piper to come visit I can’t say I wasn’t worried about Snowball’s reaction, so far so good and Piper seems to be enjoying herself and by the looks of it I think we might be pampering them a bit too much but there’s no complaints just love!

Piper’s visit day 1