Sparkling Ice is Cool for Back to School

We used some serious survival skills to make it through the first week of school, one Homeschooler, 2 Public schoolers, and one in Private School, that’s 4 kids in 4 schools, it will not be bland this year for sure. Even I got schooled this week, my super smart son somehow tricked all of us into doing his math homework each night, and we killed that straight A streak of his, literally. I guess the jokes on him.

The girls and I managed to squeezed in a few fun moments between all that schoolwork, but boy was it hot outside! Lucky for us I had packed our fridge full of refreshing Sparkling Ice to keep us cool. Seriously, summer is never over here, we have 2 seasons hot and Mardi Gras and so as we like to say: “Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!”

Always a ray of light to an otherwise boring day, my Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry, Sparkling fruity waters without the calories.  

A few other fun fruity favorites of ours: Orange Mango, Cherry Limeade, Kiwi Strawberry, Coconut Pineapple), visit to find all 15 sparkling waters.


{WW} : Postcards from America

So we joined in a 50 postcard swap, totally seemed like a great idea, right! The kids would
 learn about the other states and we would get to share some information about where we live.
 After I visited my 18 stores looking for postcards, I asked every friend and store clerk in town and we still can up empty handed.
It turns out postcards are becoming a thing of the past. Friends and family can send photos as they relax on the beach
or ride the Matterhorn at Disney, which is wonderful but at the same time sad. Another for of communication is going 
out like the pony express and maybe one day the postal service.

In the end we hand printed, glued and stamped all 50 of our postcards.

Everyday for the past 6 weeks they run out to the mailbox looking for postcards. We have 
received 21 to date, they hang on our back door so colorful, the kids stare at them dreaming of our next road trip.
I heard them talking about Kansas, I’m thing maybe Arizona or California.

(photos: iphone4 and processed with Florabella Colorplay actions)

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International Day of Peace …Rocks!

Earlier this year we rocked the town with heart message rocks and the kids really wanted to do it again, so to celebrate International Day of Peace (September 21st) they gathered rocks at sunset along the bay and after we got home they grabbed our stash of sharpies to draw peace signs all over each one, on the back side I wrote the word peace in different languages, then coated the rocks with some Mod Podge since sharpie tends to rub off the rock.

So if you happen to stumble upon our little town don’t forget to look down you just might find one of our rocks and we hope you do!
{Processed using Florabella Colorplay actions: Matte Film + Peace}


Stop by and visit these awesome Wordless Wednesday Blog links:

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{SH} Sundays #9

So much has been going on lately and soon big decisions need to be made, have you ever felt like the universe was forcing you somewhere and as hard as you try to fight, it’s a loosing battle? And with all my extra time you’d think I could discover the cure to some deadly disease or world hunger. (Update: we are still without having internet which 6 out of 7 the providers is the house is unserviceable, really in 2012 in a populated town on a busy street it’s seems crazy). Sigh!
I am so thankful for our local coffee shop and bookstore so I can continue to join everyone on Scavenger Hunt Sundays!

Our first school bus sighting of the year.
Rule of Thirds
 We love art museums!!!!!!

Side Profile
 I love those chubby cheeks on my friends little girl and I was so happy to finally get to meet this cutie and what her take some of her first steps!

My sweet little girl made up a song for me using her small pink Barbie guitar and was so excited to have me listen, it was wonderful!
 Almost lost my lunch trying to capture this moment, think I might be dizzy for a while.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Play Nice!

Did I ever mention how much I enjoy my kids be homeschooled? 
How much I love watching them play together like when I take them to the park and they’re the only ones there, my kids don’t want to leave they make up games that include all four of them, they never exclude any of their siblings, there’s no fighting, screaming, crying, just playing. 
I’m sure it’s not just because they’re homeschooled but I really think that it’s taught them to work together, play together and get along being home all day together. 
They even manage to include their teacher in the games (Why am I always safe or home base?).

Happy Monday!

DIY: Watercolor Painting with Candy

So we’ve had 5 bags of candy hearts sitting around since February, I guess sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and this ended up being just that. So I’ve been trying to come up with a craft to use up our leftover holiday sweets and as I was skimming through pins the other day I came across painting with M&M’s, personally they’re way to yummy and expensive to use as a craft in our home, since the main ingredient for the watercolor paint is food dye (I’m guessing here) though 5 bags of conversation heart would work just as well and we got them for  only 25 cents a bag, sweet!

to make the paint:

You’ll need to get a cup and add 1/3 cup warm-hot water (not boiling) and 30 candy hearts of just one color, then stir until mostly dissolved takes about 10 minutes until you can start painting (there’ll probably still be some candy floating around).

I love this craft because it’s perfectly edible so if you have small children who like to drink paint or eat paper no worries, I’m sure the paper would taste something like candy button and the paint probably close to kool-aid.
Some of the colors were a bit muted especially if you don’t stir the paint the candy coloring tends to sink to the bottom of the cup, so we went and used sharpie markers to highlight our artwork. Overall the kids had a great time painting with candy!

Kids Co-opPinterest Party

Scavenger Hunt

Another school year has come to an end, though our family will be continuing through the summer a several weeks ago we participated in our last field trip of the year and what a blast everyone had running around town hunting down clues and learning about it’s history.
I will vote the 2012 Jubliee Scavenger Hunt a success!
The kiddos can’t wait for the next one….maybe at the beach?

We didn’t leave little Eco in jail for long, after a call to the Mayor she was release on her own recognizance as we continued hunting for clues.

Eco later called to thank the Mayor for her new found freedom and Santa Claus, then all the teams ended up together in his office trying to crack the safe, insidewas the key to the city, complete happiness, ice cream!
Now that’s a cute bunch of hungry kids.