Defeating Breast Cancer One Pizzas at a Time!

Life with teens means little down time, we’re always on the go, with little time for meal prep. Lucky for us Hungry Howie’s was on the way home, we stopped in grab a couple pizzas for supper. You to can go from warrior to “warrior for the cause” in the fight against breast cancer.

 Every pizza purchased in October, 
Hungry Howie’s will make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation®. 
The goal, to raised over $2 million for free breast cancer screenings and breast cancer research.

And as we drove home our minivan filled with the smell of delicious pizzas coming from the pink Hungry Howie’s boxes, we passed by another Breast Cancer event, to help local patients battling breast cancer here. Seeing all those bras representing people fighting Breast Cancer locally was a real display of the need to help!

Let’s keep it going and bring even more hope to October, if you like to eat pizza….

Help Hungry Howie’s spread Love, Hope & Pizza in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. By sharing your stories & social posts, you will inspire others, enter the Instagram photo contest and join the fight!

Join in by Following @HungryHowies and sharing your own “warrior for the cause” photos and stories featuring their own pink box creation on the Hungry Howie’s Instagram page for a chance to win free pizza for a year!


A Month in Photos ~ October 2012

October started off with a bit of excitement after we visited our foster dog Pepper
 who had given birth to 4 puppies.
We celebrated two birthdays!!!

There were a lot of warm days, walks outside and pogo stick jumping in the backyard.
The month ended with pounds and pounds of candy being gobbled up and
me completely exhausted after making two very creative
 and fun costumes HERE and HERE designed by my two oldest girls.

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Happy Weekend!

I’m so enjoying curling up on the sofa in my pink fluffy robe with a warm cup of coffee now that the weather has finally started to feel more like October. I dream all summer of roasting marshmallows, snuggling under a warm blanket with the kiddos and hearing the leaves rustling in the cool autumn breeze. It has to be my favorite month when the oppressive heat has lifted and the city comes alive in anticipation of the up coming holidays not to mention witches and werewolves, ghost and goblins roaming the streets for candy and photo shoots galore!

I’ve been playing around with Photo Illustrator and so far all I could create was this cup of coffee. I should have paid attention more at art school and maybe taken a few course in graphic design instead of hiding out in the darkroom.