We love Handprint T-shirt art

Paper towels for me as a crafter and mom, like many of you, have become an my must have. I need them within reach at all times, I don’t think there’s anything I do that doesn’t benefit from having paper towels on hand, from art projects, to making dinner, photography shoots to bunnies, it has me covered and being eco minded I don’t like to waste, so Scott Choose-A-Sheet are the ones we use from messes big and small.
Does it looks like petals of a rose opening up for the first time, see my paper towel obsession is real!
The holidays can start to get expensive so I try and save where ever and when ever I can. 
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Our house is about as busy as Santa’s workshop right noes, we have a ton of art projects to get done. There was enough paint covered fingers to induce anxiety in any mom, it was enough to make my hair turn gray, or red, yellow and green, yikes! 
Handprint t-shirt art was lots of fun, super messy but they turn out great.


cotton t-shirts
foam brushes
multi-surface paints in many colors
painter’s tape
Tape off an area on the t-shirt you’d for the handprints design. Next spell out the word LOVE in tape inside the taped off box. Place a piece of cardboard and paper towel inside the t-shirt under your design. Next using sponge brushes, cover the hands with a generous amount of paint, then pressing the hand firmly within the taped off box, repeat. Make sure to cover the taped word LOVE completely with painted hand prints. When the paint is dry, peel off the tape, you design will now be visible.
Scott’s had us covered from our hands, to the table, the walls and sink and the kids wondered why I was wearing the most colorful, ugly sweater on I could find….paint attack!
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DIY: Painting with Bubbles

I first saw this a few years ago at an art camp and have wanted to try it with the kids, after several failed attempts to substitute the ingredients for things I already had a trip to Hobby Lobby was in order. 
What you’ll need:
Tempra paint
dish soap (I used original Dawn)
drinking straws
watercolor paper
(round containers work better than square and a 16 oz size worked the best)
*newspaper is optional but be warned it will get messy

Lay the paper gently over the bubbles and lift off, let them pop. Keep adding as many as you want, if the bubbles don’t seem to have enough paint in them you’ll need to add more paint to the mixture.

Also we found that medium sized bubbles work the best, the larger the bubble hold less paint the smaller the bubble more paint.

The kids said hands down it was one of the most fun art projects they have done ever!

Besides using this as artwork we plan on using this technique to make cards and maybe even some wrapping paper.


Click on my Link Parties page to join in on some fun!

DIY: Watercolor Painting with Candy

So we’ve had 5 bags of candy hearts sitting around since February, I guess sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and this ended up being just that. So I’ve been trying to come up with a craft to use up our leftover holiday sweets and as I was skimming through pins the other day I came across painting with M&M’s, personally they’re way to yummy and expensive to use as a craft in our home, since the main ingredient for the watercolor paint is food dye (I’m guessing here) though 5 bags of conversation heart would work just as well and we got them for  only 25 cents a bag, sweet!

to make the paint:

You’ll need to get a cup and add 1/3 cup warm-hot water (not boiling) and 30 candy hearts of just one color, then stir until mostly dissolved takes about 10 minutes until you can start painting (there’ll probably still be some candy floating around).

I love this craft because it’s perfectly edible so if you have small children who like to drink paint or eat paper no worries, I’m sure the paper would taste something like candy button and the paint probably close to kool-aid.
Some of the colors were a bit muted especially if you don’t stir the paint the candy coloring tends to sink to the bottom of the cup, so we went and used sharpie markers to highlight our artwork. Overall the kids had a great time painting with candy!

Kids Co-opPinterest Party

I paint there for I am

…….. learning!

and really, really messy and super hungry!
Sometimes I wonder if I should let them back in the house especially on those days they’re covered in mud, paint or marshmallow and most of the time I do after a good hosing down then bundling up in some warm towels and new change of clothes followed by an awesome snack of homemade cookies I was baking while I watch the Peas created their masterpieces in the backyard from the kitchen window.
If you haven’t checked out the beautiful artwork by artist/blogger Alisa Burke  she’s fabulous! and creates incredible sketches with watercolor and sharpies, thanks for the inspiration!