Tile Mate: This Photographer’s Must Have!

It’s the busy Holiday season for many Photographers, locally you’ll see dozen’s wandering the cotton fields creating memories. I’m not one to be weighed down by a camera bag when I’m meandering through the waist high cotton capturing the spontaneous perfect image for their family, so time and time again it happens! 
I go to change me lens and my camera bag was somewhere to be seen in the football field long of fluffy white cotton. I purposely use a bright teal bag for this very reason, but it offers just little help when I get lost in the moment. 
Now I’ve found my must have Photographer’s assistant, Tile, the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker, and isn’t just for keys and wallets. 

Tile easily attaches to anything that you don’t want to lose(like my camera bag). 

Together we can create a world where everyone can find everything that matters and keep creating memories. Photographer’s and parents alike know, there’s only so much time before the kids get hungry and the sun goes down, we have to work quickly! Misplacing a camera bag is not an option.

 Visit Tile.com to see the full story of how Tile helps a lost stuffed panda find his way home.   


Monday’s Behind My Lens #3

(a tire swing was used to frame this shot)
Welcome to my weekly photo tip post:

One of my favorite things to do is frame my subject, I try to
 find something that adds an extra element to the photography
 and helps to tell the story but most of all I want my result
to have created an interesting and pleasing photo.

Try using simple everyday food items like a pretzel.

railings and fences are a great way to add dimension to a photograph.

Anything that has a circular shape will work.

Triangles and squares can also frame the subject and create interest.

Not all subjects are people and framing helps to convey that.

Using light can be a fun way to isolate and frame the subject .

Next time you grab your camera or iphone get creative and look
 around for something to point your lens through and shot that
 can turn an ordinary photograph into something extraordinary.

(images taken using iphone4 and Canon Mark2)

and then, she {snapped}

{SH} Sundays #14

It’s a hard week for me emotionally but I am comforted in the
 fact that I can express myself 
through images and share them with you.


The day is finally here, I won’t be seeing my photos framed inside these yellow boxes anymore, 
 along with so many of our talented reporters and photographers.
 I’ll miss seeing their faces and bylines and most off all chance to touch and connect to
 the community and impact lives everyday.

Getting Ready

So now I’m getting ready to transition from my life as a full time photojournalist to

 photographer of some sort, not sure what to label or not label myself yet, 
I’ll dabble in family, lifestyle, newborn photography until I find my new niche.


Must try and look on the brighter side of things more or if not at least take in a few more sunsets.

Teeny Tiny

We marked International Day of Peace by scattering tiny colorful rocks all around town.


Best way to reconnect is to tie each other together for a three-legged race.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

{SH} Sundays #13

A lot of camera phone pix this week, but I’m happy to say my ribs are on the mend,
still a lot of daily pain and I’m on day 11 sleeping in an upright position so
let’s hope it doesn’t drive me to the brink of insanity.

The Bokeh proved to be more difficult them I imagined but after some trial and
error and some silliness there was success, we made hearts!
 It’s good to stretch the levels of creativity and try something new.


We love our Saturday trip to the coffee house and hanging out with friends, Zen grabbed
some reading glasses and entertained them by making silly faces. 
(thank goodness they were already cracked before my kids got a hold of them).


Stream found the perfect hole in the fencing at the playground, we manage to visit yet another one this week.


The first sign of fall, a yellow leaf fallen from the big tree over looking our backyard.

 Ordinary Color

I wish my lips were ordinarily this color and shape.
 I thought you might like to see how I managed to get my bokeh hearts, remember
 this prop from this previous post it worked perfectly!


This proved to be a bit more difficult than I thought , but mission accomplished.

(click for bokeh tutorial here)

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


{SH} Sundays #11


The water was so peaceful this morning, I love watching the patterns of reflection, it’s so mesmerizing and beautiful.

Upside Down

Eco practicing her flips, she’s sure to become a circus acrobat if the ballerina gig doesn’t workout.

Starts with the letter…..B

Started working on a new project last night, I wonder if Home Depot has noticed a run on paint chips since Pinterest started, are all the Mom’s running in to get paint chips for crafts or is it just me?


Just having some hair raising fun at a new playground.


Soft and gooey marshmallows, yum!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


{WW}: We Scream for Ice Cream!

…..or is it we scream over ice scream, from ice cream or about wanting ice cream.
What kid doesn’t like ice cream? 
Well except for me, but I have definitely grown to love it over the years
and my stink working at the ice cream shop in Ft. Lauderdale during college
definitely helped secure my love for mint chocolate chip on a waffle cone.
Trying out new fabulous ice cream spots is so awesome when your a kid
but I don’t know if it can top our local coffee shop offering up 25 cent cones
 in anticipation of Hurricane Isaac and my kiddos are a bunch of happy campers on a sugar high.
 Maybe that isn’t such a great idea when I’m about to have 4 kids cooped up inside
 for two days possibly without power or a way for me to cry for help!
Please grant me the patients of Mother Theresa to get us through.
Yes I’m 2 days early! But if you don’t here from me for a few days we may be without electricity from the storm or packing up to move again, crazy times in Alabama!

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