We love Handprint T-shirt art

Paper towels for me as a crafter and mom, like many of you, have become an my must have. I need them within reach at all times, I don’t think there’s anything I do that doesn’t benefit from having paper towels on hand, from art projects, to making dinner, photography shoots to bunnies, it has me covered and being eco minded I don’t like to waste, so Scott Choose-A-Sheet are the ones we use from messes big and small.
Does it looks like petals of a rose opening up for the first time, see my paper towel obsession is real!
The holidays can start to get expensive so I try and save where ever and when ever I can. 
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Our house is about as busy as Santa’s workshop right noes, we have a ton of art projects to get done. There was enough paint covered fingers to induce anxiety in any mom, it was enough to make my hair turn gray, or red, yellow and green, yikes! 
Handprint t-shirt art was lots of fun, super messy but they turn out great.


cotton t-shirts
foam brushes
multi-surface paints in many colors
painter’s tape
Tape off an area on the t-shirt you’d for the handprints design. Next spell out the word LOVE in tape inside the taped off box. Place a piece of cardboard and paper towel inside the t-shirt under your design. Next using sponge brushes, cover the hands with a generous amount of paint, then pressing the hand firmly within the taped off box, repeat. Make sure to cover the taped word LOVE completely with painted hand prints. When the paint is dry, peel off the tape, you design will now be visible.
Scott’s had us covered from our hands, to the table, the walls and sink and the kids wondered why I was wearing the most colorful, ugly sweater on I could find….paint attack!
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Lucky Heart Pennies

When you’re little finding a penny on the ground is exciting! It’s free money! But best of all a FREE WISH!
I used to think long and hard about what I wanted to wish for, would it be another Strawberry Shortcake doll? baby sister? or the world’s biggest bowl of ice cream? The possibilities were endless! I still get excited as an adult to find a penny and make a wish, but this time the wishes are more for good health and good fortune and not so much dolls and candy.
So a few days ago the kids and I grabbed a handful of pennies from a piggy bank and some sidewalk chalk, we walked around town drawing pink and orange hearts, leaving behind a lucky penny for someone to find and bring a little joy into someones maybe not so happy day, as we walked by a few of our hand colored chalk hearts later that day the kids gleamed with excitement, the pennies were gone! We had fun talking about who would have picked the penny and what their wish might have been? Did they even make a wish or just place that shiny coin in their pocket to carry around for good luck?
What ever the outcome, adding even just a little happiness into someone’s day made us feel lucky too!

Our family was inspired to do this fun project by someone else’s simple gesture, we hope this will inspire others to leave a bit of joy around their town.

DIY: Shrinky Dink Rings

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Shrinky Dink project and I forgot just how much fun they are!
There’s so many options and ideas but I decided to try and make some rings. Sounds easy enough,
though it wasn’t without a lot of trial and error and some sore finger tips, even slight blistering can occur with this project.
First off was to track down the supplies, I didn’t have any recyclable #6 plastic so I needed to buy the actual Shrink Dink sheets.
The local craft store had them in clear, solid white or inkjet printable. I just needed the clear for this project.
I also had to find the right ink, sharpie wasn’t working as well as I had read. On the packaging it lists several kinds of ink to use.
It MUST be a permanent ink. (I found sharpie markers and paint markers to wipe off)
Finding the right length and width for the rings took some time.
 Then we needed something to wrap the rings around while they cooled. 
A medicine syringes tended to be the right size, the ones Target gives you for children’s medicine.
I also heard that Chapstick works for some, not in our case. 
Just take a ring you wear and find a cylinder shapes object it slides snuggly over and that heat won’t damage.

Measurements for Shrink Dink rings are:
5 inches by 3/4 inches – ages 5-8
5 1/4 inches by 5/8 inches – ages 8-10
5 1/2 inches by 5/8 inches – ages 11-14 
(young adult or women with slender fingers)
5 3/4 inches by 1 inch – adult female
if making the fox ring for ages 11-14:
6 1/4 inches in length by 5/8 inches
(length is longer since the face and tail must overlap)

Stamp the design onto the plastic sheet then measure, cut to size and round the ends.
Bake at 325 degrees for 2-3 minutes
Here’s the tricky part, it cools in 5 seconds!!
So I didn’t even remove it from the oven and just rolled it right on the pan slightly pulled out from the oven.
It will be hot, I did not get burned and it isn’t any worse than using a hot glue gun.
My best project tip:
** The rings can be reheated for 2 minutes and reshaped over and over again**

Got a fun Shrinky Dink project, leave a comment and share!

DIY: Closet Makeover

In the last couple weeks 3 of my kiddos have headed off to school and with them went backpacks and lunch boxes. We never had that with homeschooling and every afternoon at 3 o’clock my back hallway fills up with all this stuff. I had to come up with a quick and simple solution, a small DIY project seemed like a good idea.  So I dugg up my vintage hooks from the basement that I snagged off Ebay years ago, emptied our hall closet and spent the day making it over. For under $40 we now have a fabulous backpack closet
and no more clutter in my hallway!

select pine in 4 inch and 3 inch wide planks
(for board & batten)
leftover MDF for the baseboard
leftover kitchen flooring
molding for infront of the shelves
leftover kitchen paint in 2 colors
vintage hooks
paneling nails
liquid nails
paintable caulk

miter box 
measuring tape

I was so happy to get to this point in the project and hang up their backpacks!
Love quick 24 hour transformations that but a smile on your face and a bit of paint in the hair.
Happy Wednesday!

DIY: Painted Dot Wrapping Paper

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, it’s really fun and a very inexpensive way of making some cute
wrapping paper. Did you know that you can get rolls of unprinted newspaper?
 ( I happen to have an inside scoop seeing as I’m a photographer at our local newspaper). 
My kids do all sorts of projects on them and our newspaper sells
them to anyone for $2 for an end roll of newsprint, we get over 100ft of newsprint per roll 
(and it’s free for employees like me!). 

You’ll probably need to make a phone call to your local paper and see if they have the paper rolls available.

what you will need:
egg cartons
newspaper rolls
paint (we used tempra)
sponge brushes

total cost $0
(I had all the supplies already)

Simply roll out the paper on a long table or outside on the pavement, coat the bottoms of the egg cartons with paint and using the egg cartons as stamp make even rows of polka dots in various colors until the paper is full. Let dry then roll back up on the paper tube the newsprint came on and use or store for the next occasion.

We didn’t have time today with moving and all, but I’d love to try making this with the left over paint from our Painting with Bubbles post.

DIY: Marionette Puppet {from a Stuffed Animal}

I was so inspired yesterday watching Australian Puppeteer Bob Parsons and his Walk-About-Puppet’s Mr. Blister’s Toy Circus at our local library that all I could do was think about how I wanted to make one. But those cost thousands so with a little thought I came up with using one of kids stuffed animals and cost was under $2.

After you cut the dowels down to size you will use a 3/8 drill bit to but 2 holes in the 5/8 dowel 2inches from each end. Do this very, very slowly or the dowel will split but lucky for me the dowel made three 12inch long pieces and I got it on the third try!

This is where the strings will attach onto the crossbar. Bead goes in the hole and the string goes through the slit to secure it.

After sewing the strings on to the stuffed animal it will be time to determine how long you want them, then tie the beads at the end of the strings, put the beads into the holes remaining in the crossbar and  the strings through the slits at each end.

Depending on what kind of animal you use will determine how many strings, there are six holes available we only used 4 or them for our little monkey.

Once that’s done it’s time to play!

The kids are having so much fun with Mr. Parsley!!

Total project cost $1.75
(we had most of the supplies only purchased the wooden dowels)

Project time: 1 hour

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Little Book of Love

This awesome idea came about as I flipped through ideas on Pinterest, the original pin was for a boyfriend but could easily be change to fit as a gift for any loved one. So the kiddos and I made this for Father’s Day for my Dad, since there’s 5 of us we each came up with 10 reasons we loved him and then one from the cat and dog to get our 52 reasons.

The first thing you’ll need to do is get a deck of cards that has a defined rectangle to glue your reason onto each card, ours was placed it on the inside(bottom) of each card but I’ve seen it done on the outside(top). After you come up with your 52 reasons they will need to be printed out from the computer. I used microsoft word with the Action Jackson Font at 10 picas on regular weight paper. After printing I cut the paper to size for our rectangle and lightly applied Mod Podge to the card then laid the “reason” down and applied another layer of Mod Podge over it. You don’t need to do the extra layer over the “reason” I just wanted it to last since this project is time consuming and a sure keepsake.

Once the cards are fully dry punch two holes on each card so it opens like a book, using metal book rings through the holes to finish off creating your 52 Reasons mini book.
 Total project time was 5-7 hours, mostly due to drying time.

This can be done as a gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents, a boyfriend or girlfriend.

52 Reason was Pinterest inspired HERE

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