{SH} Sundays #38

Another week of summer gone already? Usually it wouldn’t bother me, actually I use to look forward to fall and cooler weather.
 But now that we’ve moved north it just means a week closer to SNOW! 
Have to stop thinking that way and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. I just love the kiddos being home.
The transition for homeschooling to public school has been hardest on me.
I want to take in every second of them, even the messy piles of toys scattered around the house and uncleared dinner plates.


Selfie, as I walked by an old gas station window.


Crazy! She beat out 34 other 8-10 year olds to win 2nd place in the pie eating contest.

Cooling down in the kiddie pool on the hottest day of the year!


a sea of unwanted newspaper boxes. 


We made a quick stop at the local mall after I heard they had an Anthropologie store. I’m in love! 
Got a bit lost in the parking lot trying to find a door in, true newbies. 
We didn’t have a mall where we had lived in Alabama so this was exciting for them. 
And obviously by the look of the stairs we went the wrong way.
Don’t think anybody had used those steps in the last 20 years.

Happy Sunday!

SH:: Sundays #31


Really trying to make the most of our first winter, the snow is definitely beautiful to look at.


The best way to quite our house down is with a bowl of homemade ice cream.


Little Eco’s attempt at ear plugs.

In the Kitchen

So glad I’m finished with the kitchen remodel, don’t know if I’ll ever take on painting cabinets again.


Love this iphone pic as we drove through Ohio.

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{SH} Sundays #30

Wow! The big 30, well that was 8 years ago for me but thirty Sundays sure does pass quickly in blog time.

Time to Eat

Off with her pink hair!
Good times with friends and I’m so thrilled to have our kitchen remodeling over with so we can finally enjoy a meal around the table together.

Getting Ready

Getting ready for our first full week with three of the kiddos in public school, it’s going to be so quiet in the house.


Little Eco was so happy Cali finally warmed up tio her and spent some time playing with her and snuggling on the couch.

Sweet Dreams

If we all could be this cute when we sleep.


Missing Pepper, she sure was a lot of fun.

{SH} Sundays #27

Seriously exhausting week, it was the first full week of public school for my previously homeschooled 7th grader and waking up early is not our thing and neither is kitchen remodeling. Who knew painting cabinets could be so hard, I guess probably those of you who have already tried it. Here’s to early mornings and late nights and the rewards of hard work! Our kitchen remodel on a budget unveiling next week…good bye 1962.


Not my most glamorous look.  I’ve been hidden under goggles, mask and my furry pink robe for the last week working on remodeling our kitchen, I hope to be done in a couple days and then the fun begins with posting the before and afters!


So breakfast around here is anything but plain, brownie waffles topped with powdered sugar and homemade granola was on the menu this week.


We left the warmth of the south just a month ago, it’s funny I’m kind of homesick even though technically I am back home.


The hills are alive with the sound of my children scream with joy!


Little Eco designed herself some snazzy earmuffs to drown out the sounds of all the construction going on in our kitchen, we’re all looking forward to it being done so we can have some peace and quiet around here.

{SH} : Sundays #22

19 days and counting down until our big move , so many presents to make,  
photo sessions to edit, friends to say goodbye to and packing, can’t forget Santa is coming! 
So much excitement ahead!

Nothing wrong with missing a step now and again.


Love my gingerbread#4, all the kiddos did such a wonderful in the Candy Land play, I’m one proud Mom.


It’s that time of year when were busy making holiday gift, have a long list of homemade goodies to give!


Don’t know if this should be under bracelet or missing, it’s definitely missing.


Little Eco can make a song out of anything, even brussel sprouts!

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{SH} : Sundays #21

It’s been a crazy week, we are so thankful for so much, the streets here have come alive
 with holiday lights, I have 5 more holiday photo sessions left until we pack up 
the house for our big move North, like where they have snow and lots of it!

Home or Thankful

Every year the kids write on our school chalkboard what they’re most thankful for that year.


The streets are aglow! It’s officially the holiday season here.

In the Kitchen

My absolute favorite ice cream bowls and they’re from Target!


These have to be the cutest shoes on the planet!


Our favorite craft of the year was bubble paint art, read full post HERE.

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