Go ahead! Treat yourself to a Veggie Smoothie

Sometimes I think the only ones eating their veggies in our house seem to be the bunnies, I buy bags of carrots, kale and apples, yet my kids are the ones eating it.

That is unless I call it a “treat” and we head over to the local Smoothie King! Why is it they’ll eat carrots, apples and kale, even avocado in a smoothie and not at home on the dinner plate?
My daughter put on an amazing powerpoint presentation with a friend over the weekend for a room of 50+ people, and instead of flowers she insisted we go to Smoothie King as a reward for her 3 months of hard work. 

To make it even more special we went out in the yard and hand picked some blackberries, then I poured all our smoothies into mason jars, covered it with a cupcake liner and inserted a pretty paper straw and drank them on the porch. This is also a great idea for a summer party or picnic.
Every time we go she orders a new flavor and every time it then becomes her new favorite, which is now Berry Carrot Dream, though it’s hard for her to admit she likes carrots. But for me that’s not a problem and new limited time only Avocado Pineapple Smoothie is my new favorite, but isn’t anything with pineapple awesome! I had a friend successfully grow pineapple in her backyard and she doesn’t even live in Hawaii, so I’m thinking I need to test my green thumb and try it.

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Sweet time in the Big Easy

I visited my first Smoothie King 2 months ago, I had no idea what all the hype was about, lines of people waiting for what? Then I drank my first one, okay I get it now and Smoothie King’s Veggie Blends just got better, again. With a new limited time only Avocado Pineapple Smoothie in the lineup, they now have four delicious Veggie Blends options to sneak those extra greens in! Veggie Avocado Pineapple(New), Apple Kiwi Kale(kiddos favorite), Berry Carrot Dream, Carrot Kale Dream(my favorite).

Next stop, Smoothie King in NOLA.

We were so lucky to have to make an emergency stop in New Orleans (but not the emergency part, my computer crashed and I lost all my files). The first thing we did after our 2 hour drive was walk straight down Royal Street to the Smoothie King, we engaged in conversation with other smoothie obsessed locals, sharing flavor favorites and app points. 

I had to snap a few extra photos of our afternoon in NOLA.

Smoothie King has been around since 1973 (that’s even before I was born), opening as a stand-alone vitamin shop in Kenner, Louisiana, Smoothie King now encompasses over 600 locations.
 Yet they keep coming up with new amazing smoothie, have you tried the Veggie Blends?  

New Veggie Avocado Pineapple Smoothie is a must for all you avocado lovers not to mention a convenience of getting the kids to drink their veggies to obtain important nutrients. 

Tips to sneak more veggies into your kids healthy diet…
I really just have one, smoothies!

That’s all it takes for my kids, anything cold during the hot southern summers, they’ll take it.

The benefits of avocado, carrots, kale will keep the whole family strong and the kids growing up with a great attitude towards veggies and healthy living.

We had a sweet time in Big Easy! and it’s much healthier than all that king cake we ate over Mardi Gras.

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Be Good To Yourself

Nothings better than being given full reign to eat any moon pie that’s thrown my way, followed by a warm cup of coffee. I love Mardi Gras season but once it’s over and the tulips begin to pop, spring is just around the corner, it’s time to change out my winter breakfast habits and be good to myself. I put down that marshmallow pie and headed into our local Smoothie King with my daughter, we were tempted but opted to forgo the king cake smoothie and went for their High Protein Almond Mocha and Greek Yogurt Peach Papaya. Smoothie King food truck comes to my kids school a few times a month, good to know their bring these nutritious drink to help keep the students energy up for learning!

Oh how I’m going to miss those fresh out of the oven king cakes, but I need to re-energize, beach season is almost here. There’s lots of hiking and kayaking trips already planned and I really need to make sure I’m at the top of my game.

So true, 2016 the year I’ve vow to be good to myself.
Smoothie King has 20 Meal Replacement Smoothies that span Slim, Fitness, and Wellness blends, all with the goal of helping you reach your goal of a healthier lifestyle, I’m so excited to try each one of these!
¥ Gladiator® Chocolate*
¥ Gladiator® Strawberry*
¥ Gladiator® Vanilla*
¥ The Activator® Chocolate
¥ The Activator® Vanilla
¥ Lean1® Chocolate
¥ Lean1® Strawberry
¥ Lean1® Vanilla
¥ Lean1® Tropical
¥ Vegan Dark Chocolate Banana
¥ Vegan Mango Kale
¥ Greek Yogurt Pineapple Mango
¥ Greek Yogurt Strawberry Blueberry
¥ Greek Yogurt Peach Papaya
¥ The Shredder™ Chocolate
¥ The Shredder™ Strawberry
¥ The Shredder™ Vanilla**
¥ High Protein Almond Mocha
¥ High Protein Banana
High Protein Chocolate
Nutritional Call Outs
Under 400 calories (Based on 20oz Serving), minimum of 10 grams of protein and 35 grams of quality carbs.
Protein and fiber keeps you feeling full, longer.
High in protein, highly nutritious, and highly filling.
*Gladiator® is dependent upon how it’s made
**The Shredder – Vanilla has 31g carbs
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