Dachshund Sunset

Yes, this happened!
You have some free time on a Saturday, the kids want another pet, so you find yourself at the county animal shelter.
Those big brown eyes won’t stop staring up at you, the kids ask to pet her, and a few days later you are a Dachshund mom.
There’s no changing your mind, her Instagram account already has followers, even before the kids decide on a name.

Check out more pics of the very lovable Kimmy HERE.

Instagram @dachshundsunset

Bay of Color

I’m always amazed at the sunset, how the colors are painted across the sky and spilled into the bay water. Every day the we’re presented with a new masterpiece, each one better than the last. In hue so vibrant, I mesmerized by all the beauty, trying to hold on until it fades into gray.

Simple moments magnified by the beauty of light and shadow.

The reds seemed to dance across the sky this night, illuminating the city scape in a wave of color.

Bay life. A beautiful life.

Calming days ahead

 The holiday chaos is over! Well at least until for a few days until the Mardi Gras madness starts here. We all need a little stress and anxiety relief this time of year, one of my New Year’s resolutions or should I saw only resolution I made was to take a back seat to the stress and relax more often, take a walk, ride my bike and watch the sunset over the bay. I try and see it as often as I can, it really helps to add the needed calmness to my week. 
The sunsets are always amazing, with their seemingly endless hues painted across the sky, so peaceful and it makes me smile even more when I see a flock of pelicans fly across the setting sun, just like they did this evening.
Most of us feel our jobs can get a bit hectic, especially when added to  managing the kids, the house and for me a huge roof repair on our house just after the holidays.

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