DIY: Fun Festive Holiday Dinner Plates

It’s holiday crunch time, prep, prepare and decorate the house.
We have very plain plates, white, black, yellow and clear glass, none of which are remotely festive. Our holiday table needed to be more merry and bright, it was looking a bit dull and boring. I one of those who have no china passed down from Grandma, no holiday traditions used for generations and no holiday art made by the kids at made at school, so we decided to brighten up our table using scissor, some glue, our clear glass dinner plates and holiday gift wrap paper from Hallmark Gold Crown.

Each of the kids pick out their Hallmark wrapping paper and chose an animal to adorn their holiday plate.
After a few hours of cutting, a lot of glue, one or two wrapping paper sword fights and barton twirling competition, all in good fun and we now have some awesome plates to use for our next holiday meal!
 I think my momma bird plate turned out pretty good. All the colors match our decor perfectly and layer nicely with our exciting dinner plates, the kids are so excite to use theirs!

Watch our video link for the full DIY Holiday Dinner Plate instruction. It’s pretty easy, just a some cutting and pasting, even the kiddos can join in on the fun! Hallmark has so many wonderful gifts for the holidays, we couldn’t help but picked up a couple gift items for friends.

Step by step DIY video accompanied with some great Reggae music and cute kids.

Many thanks to Hallmark Gold Crown for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to try my more creative side using gift wrap.


A couple days ago it was my Grandpa’s birthday and since we don’t live near and couldn’t visit for his big day we tried to express how much we care and love him with this very special gift. 
It was quite a production literally using everything from math to theatre skills, so if you grew up like I did watching Bert and Ernie every morning you might recognize the similarities of the video to a segment they did on Sesame Street way back I used as my inspiration and with that the Peas would like to wish their Great-Papa a very Happy Birthday!
We hope you enjoy our video as much as we did making it.
(tech details: video shot using the Canon 5D Mark II and edited in iMovie)

You can also view it on youtube HERE.

Fun House, Fair and Food

Don’t know if the fun house was more fun for the girls or me watching them trying to find the way out.

I took the two oldest to the county fair for Wacky Wednesday + 4-H night they both got unlimited ride passes for entering their photos and with just a buck to get me in it had to be one of the cheapest date nights so I splurged on a candy apple for the girls. Height restrictions always limited us with the younger ones so they stayed home and allowed Luna and Stream to have free range of the festivities. But there was no way I was letting them on the Meg Drop and plummet 3 stories without me, they were a little bummed but everything else made up for it, especially these….

After the rides or course.