Bringing back first memories with Legacybox

This post is sponsored by Legacybox but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The years are so full of moments big and small, cellphones have made our memories easy to capture. But when I became a mom 18 years ago I was still using a landline and taking photos with a film camera.

legacy 1

legacy 13

legacy 5

We’d get them developed and place them in a giant green mailbox hoping to get around to making photo albums. It never happened, we’ve moved our 150 pounds of memories 9 times. They’re currently being used in the living room as an end table and a reminder of how much has passed.

legacy 7

Thousands of photos and negatives, seconds, minutes and hours of my children lives captured onto film, never seen by them and a vague memory waiting to be rediscovered, thanks to Legacybox.

legacy 3

What’s a camcorder? They asked!

legacy 9

legacy 2

The charger is long gone, the screen has been dark for over a decade and my kids have no idea how to use one. Over a dozen tapes full of firsts; birthdays, holidays, soccer games and ballet recitals. Family and friends we long to see again, how time flies by.

legacy 11

After days of sorting through the piles of memories, we packaged them up and shipped it off to Legacybox. The excitement grew as we waited for the box to return.

legacy 8

legacy 6

Wow! To hear their little voices again, the giggles and first words. Pieces of life’s puzzle falling into place as they watch themselves grow up. Hard to but it into words but their laughter said it all.

What moments they cherish the most?

legacy 12

What moments do they you cherish the most?

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